A Day In The Life…

The Mexican elections are over, except for the mumbling, rumbling, and grumbling…

Although my candidate did not win the presidency, let’s hope it will all turn out for the best.

I accept the outcome but I can’t help feeling the need to express a little angst…

On You Tube, I found this instrumental track of “A Day in the Life”  ( ©1967 Lennon & McCartney )


I’ve written my own  (tongue in cheek) lyrics:

I heard the news today, oh boy
About a handsome man who made the grade
And though the spin was rather sad
Well I just had to sigh…
It’s better not to cry…

He won the race, he did do that
If it was fair or not, is not the case
The crowd of people stood and cheered
A smile lit up his face…

I saw another face , oh boy
Of the man… who lost the chase
The crowd of people turned away
But I just have to pray-ay-ay
That he’ll be back one day-ay-ay

To  turn us – on-n-n-n-n-n

(Lots of psychedelic sound … after all this song is from the Sargeant Pepper album)  Boom – boom – boom… ringing… piano… boom –  boom –  boom –  instrumental – surging melody –  honky-tonk –  surging melody –  ay-ay-ay-.ay-ay-ay – ah-ah-ah-ah strings…

And now there’s talk today oh boy
Of ballots lost, far from here …
The numbers are rather small
But they better count them all …
They – know –  howmany votes – it takes – to keep the ball.

They need to – turn-urn-urn-urn us – on-n-n-n-n-n
(Lots more psychedelic sound…  boom – boom – boom… ringing… piano… boom-boom-boom instrumental – surging… duh-h-h-h-h)

… Even if you don’t share my views I hope you have fun with the music!

Onward and Upward!


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In Other Words: Mérida

I have not been blogging too regularly as of late… there has been SO MUCH going on…

A couple of weeks ago, I met with Cher Bibler, the content editor of “In Other Words: Mérida” (IOW:M) This bi-monthly e-zine (an online literary magazine) offers a publishing opportunity for writers living in and around Mérida

Cher has been a resident of Mérida for several years now and has multiple creative pursuits, including theater and music. She exemplifies the ageless maxim: “Pursuing one creative outlet opens the door to the next.”

In the e-zine’s first post, Cher says:

“Bubbling under the surface of this colonial city in Mexico is a teeming mass of creative minds, some of whom create in the English language. So many, in fact, we thought it a movement that needed to be recorded as it progressed. Our steely tentacles have reached out beyond the city into the surrounding countryside and collected up the best fiction and poetry that we can find, and we encapsulate it for your perusal. And plan to continue to do so, on a roughly bimonthly basis, as long as the tentacles survive. Our reach grows ever larger – is no one safe? We look forward to the adventure, and we hope you do, too.”

In Other Words Mérida accepts submissions in the English or Spanish language. They welcome: fiction, poetry,        editorials, essays and interviews from Mérida area writers. The e-zine also showcases photographers and other artists. You can view the May 2012 issue: http://www.inotherwordsmerida.com There you’ll also find the guidelines for having your work included in a future issue.

Some new writers worry that they aren’t “ready” but… you have to be published to get published some more! Cher urges you to send your material.

The team at “In Other Words – Merida” includes:

Cher Bibler – content editor (English language)

Katie Brewer – managing editor

Fer de la Cruz – content editor (Spanish language)

Julie Stewart – interviews

*** The three images that accompany the text of this post are from the IOW:M website.


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The Wall

Our  Memory Wall

In our world there are many famous walls: the Vietnam Memorial Wall, The Great Wall of China, and the Walls of Jericho. Some walls are notorious like the former Berlin Wall and the current Wall along the México-USA Border. Ancient civilizations and great manors built walls around themselves to keep invaders out. Prisons have walls to keep people in…

In our house we have lots of walls: the outside one with purple bougainvillea cascading over the top and of course the ones that hold up our roof! But in the guest room we have a Memory Wall.

The Memory Wall is just what its name implies. There are photographs, small souvenirs, bits of art… We often change the pictures or add new ones. Yesterday I spent several hours doing just that.

Some of the wedding pictures have been up for quite a while; we’ll            celebrate our 35th anniversary very soon. And some aren’t even a year old; both our children were married in 2011.

There are little mementoes of trips…

And some of the memories have been given to us by our friends

The oldest photo is of my paternal grandmother, taken in 1917

My parents are both remembered, as are Jorge’s… And we have photos of uncles and aunts like Gisele who will    turn 100 this year… Cousins and old friends…And presiding at center stage is a large reproduction of the Virgen de Guadalupe.

When we have overnight guests, they always say they enjoyed looking at everything on our wall. Do you have a Memory Wall?


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