Carmen (plus margaritas and tacos…)

June 16, 2010

Carmen (plus margaritas and tacos)

Jorge and I have waited a long time to see the Merida production of the opera Carmen by George Bizet.

Tonight was the night and I can’t find one negative thing to say about it…  Judging from the contented looks on the faces of everyone filing out of the full house, I would have to say the reviews were unanimously great.

Carla Dirlikov played Carmen and she was made for the part of the Spanish gypsy temptress.  What a voice and stage presence! Claudia Rodriguez as Micaela sung her heart out and Rodrigo Garciarroyo was most convincing as the besotted Don José. As always, Juan Carlos Lomónaco, the conductor and the fine musicians of Merida’s symphony orchestra gave an outstanding performance.

Well , now that I think about it, there was one downside… we were starving by the time we left the Peon Contreras  Theater at 11:15 pm.  Up Montejo Boulevard we drove to our favorite taco spot.  If you’ve never been to “Tacos PM”… try it. The tacos al pastor are delicious and the margaritas served to wash ‘em down are very  wonderful.

And although you’re probably reading this posting during the day… as I write it is 1:13 am and time for the hammock.

See you tomorrow…

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3 responses to “Carmen (plus margaritas and tacos…)

  1. You did that just to be sure to get a few comments didn’y you? So just where on Montejo is Tacos PM?????

  2. Do you have an approximate address for Tacos PM? We would love to try their food.

    • Hi Barry and Debi, I have looked all through the phone book, in restaurant guides etc and I can’t find “Tacos PM”… but it is across the Prolongación Montejo from the big salad restaurant and just up and across the street from “La Musa” bar. When you locate it… I think you’ll find it will be worth it… ¡Buen provecho!

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