¡Go-o-o-o-o-o-l !

June 17, 2010



Last week I mentioned that I was not interested in sports.  “I do not even watch them on TV!”

Well, after yesterday’s World Cup match between Mexico and France, I am a changed woman. What a game!

I won’t go into the details of the match itself because EVERYONE  KNOWS just how seriously our glorious Mexican team womped those  Bordeaux- imbibing, Baguette-baking, Escargot-eating , Petit four-nibbling  Frenchmen…  As many before me have pointed out, it was the Battle of Puebla all over again, n’est pas?

My family trooped over to Las Vigas restaurant-bar to watch our boys . And yes, I’ll admit we thought the other team would win… Oh we of little faith!

How I wish I’d had my camera after THE game!!! I saw a young guy on an old Vespa (sans helmet, replaced by huge sombrero) weave his way up to the congested intersection by our “Monumento a la Bandera.” An enormous tricolor flag  was splayed out behind him and his functioning vocabulary seemed to have been reduced to three repeatedly screamed words, “¡VIVA!… ¡MEXICO!.. ¡C-U-A-H!”.

One of our city’s finest had just parked his black shiny Harley. He saw the kid and signaled for him to get down and come over. I watched, fearing what would happen next. The officer clamped a meaty hand on the teenager’s scrawny shoulder and told him, “You stand here by me and wave!” The two cycles were parked side by side and together, the aging pot-bellied policeman and the skinny young man, waving our nation’s flag and still yelling, “¡VIVA!… ¡MEXICO!… ¡C-U-A-H!” directed the the happy fans through the bottlenecked traffic.

You know what? This was more than a game… it was a shot in the arm. Mexico has received such bad press lately and now finally there was something the country could be proud of.

Morale has been so lifted… If only it could last.

In fact, instead of continuing all the wars throughout the world; why don’t the leaders embrace futbol?  If countries have border disputes, the two country’s teams would play a game and the winner would get his way.  If one country thought another’s immigration policy  perpetuated unfair treatment; the conflict could be resolved by some thundering feet …running…  and kicking a white ball.

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea… how about you?

*** I found the above pictures on Google Images. For some great post-game shots of Mexico City, try this link:   http://lesleytellez.wordpress.com/2010/06/17/scenes-from-mexico-city-post-world-cup-win-over-france/




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2 responses to “¡Go-o-o-o-o-o-l !

  1. Valerie Pickles

    I agree Joanna, just going into the pueblo and mentioning the game , the faces light up ,their eyes shine with pride.A great feeling . I too am not really a sports fan but for some reason the world cup always inspires me and I get very excited.I dont have a T V to watch but I do get the news from the locals and newspaper and now my friends blog thanks you

  2. Larry

    Love reading your posts! Oh! By the way, I just chatted with Carlos Rivera (ex TTTAC student) who is living in Montpelier, France! Everyone there was very, very sad yesterday! I expect he was one of the few exceptions! LOL!


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