June 18,2010


Sunset on the beach: Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico

Today there won’t be a long posting. I am at the beach with a group of wonderful friends and there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging.

Judy, Joanne, Marie and I met one another when our kids were still young, although no longer babies.

Life always seemed busy but we made time to get together on Friday afternoons at Joanne’s home to play Scrabble, have a glass of wine (or two…) and eat way too much food. The children were always with us and they’d play in the pool for hours on end. The afternoon would often turn into night time before we’d had our fill of conversation and all the rest…

The years slipped by.  Joanne moved with her family to Cancun. Marie and hers moved back to the USA. Judy and I became very involved with our respective businesses and the Friday nights just didn’t happen anymore.

But this weekend, Judy invited us to her beach house.  Joanne is in town and so is Marie.  Two more of “our old crowd” – Anabelle and Patty will join us  tomorrow .

We’re having a memorable time playing Scrabble, drinking a glass of wine (or two…) and yes, I confess… eating way too much food!

PS: Sorry if some of you couldn’t bring up my blog earlier today. The Internet kicked out while I was creating the post.


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  1. Looks likje you all are having a great time.

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