Who would you most like to meet?

June 23, 2010

Who Would You Most Like To Meet?

A few days ago, someone asked me the question, “Who would you most like to meet  / sit down and talk with / or have dinner with?”  I did not hesitate… “Oprah,” I said…

Because I’m a writer, my friend was surprised. She thought I’d be more interested in authors like Anne Pachet, Laura Esquivel or Alice Munro. Well, I’d feel honored to meet them, of course I would.

Wouldn’t my interest  in Latin American issues  draw me towards Carmen Aristegui, Elena Poniatowska or Denise Dresser? It would be fascinating to meet any of them…

And my love of the arts? Wouldn’t I want to speak with a really great painter, a very knowledgeable art critic or a wonderful musician?  Certainly, yes!

But why would I choose Oprah above anyone else? I would choose her because there is no one I can think of who has made such a huge success of her life. From a disadvantaged beginning, she has become one of the world’s most respected public figures. She has made billions but more importantly, she’s given a lot of it away. She has remained respectful and uses her fame to attract attention to what she feels is important.

“You do know that 2011 will be the last year of her show?” my friend asked.  “Of course, I know.” I replied.

 “And I guess I’ll never get to see her. The website doesn’t even have a space where you can request tickets.”  …  “And I’ve heard that when it does open up, it’s like a lottery.” my acquaintance said. “Not much hope.”

But then I started to think about it…  I said to my friend, “The producers of the show must look to have interesting people in the audience. What if a whole bunch of women from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico requested a group booking?”  My girlfriend agreed, “If you really want to go, it’s worth a try…  it can’t be an every-day thing to have a lot of women come from so far…”  “It probably is more common than we think… but nothing ventured, nothing gained, rright?”

So what do you think? Would you travel to Chicago to see Oprah? If so, leave a comment here and I’ll put your name on the growing list!

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13 responses to “Who would you most like to meet?

  1. maria rosa alcocer

    Oh Joanna, how could I not know about your blog before? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think is great! And yes, count me in too!!

  2. Sounds FANTASTIC!!! Gracias amiga 🙂

  3. Count me in! That would be soooo awesome! Great idea…lets keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

  4. Can I gal from Cancun try and get in on this???

    • Well of course! I am going to keep compiling the list and when the tickets are available, I’ll make my request. If we get in, we’ll make our plans. Welcome Lauren…

  5. The person I would most like to meet is Itzak Perlman. In my opinion, one of the best violinists in the world. But also, I so admire how he courageously fought against physical difficulties. Having polio at an early age left him hardly able to walk. To see him walking onto the stage with crutches, someone carrying his violin for him, and then to play sitting down always brings tears to my eyes. Together with that, his family and early teachers told him he never could be a violinist because his fingers are so broad. So against all the odds, he became a world class soloist. To be a soloist of the highest level takes incredible talent and dedication, but with polio and fat fingers………..

  6. Valerie Pickles

    yes yes yes

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