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It’s A Small World After All

July 30, 2010

This is our little breakfast nook with a view!


Many thanks to everyone who has written comments and has e-mailed to say they are enjoying these postings from Canada. It’s nice to be sharing this holiday with all of you via the blog. We’ve had such a lovely time but we do miss home. Your messages make us feel so good!

Today “our chauffer” picked us up promptly at 9 am. I’m actually referring to a West Vancouver Transit driver who by some serendipitous happening seems to always be the guy operating the big blue bus whenever we board it… Check out this link to read more about him: )  “Off to Horseshoe Bay again?” he asked. Yes indeed we were taking the ferry to Vancouver Island to see more old friends…  

Those readers who have never made the crossing on BC Ferries to Vancouver Island should add the trip to their Bucket List. It’s like going on a short Gulf Islands cruise for just $13.00 and if you’re lucky enough to be on a new boat, the appointments (restaurant, lounge-bar, shops and business center) make you believe you’re on Princess Lines. Whales and other sea animals are sometimes spotted during the trip – quite exciting!

Heather and Brent picked us up and off to their lovely home we sped. Jorge and I prepared margaritas and guacamole which were followed by champagne, salmon, salad, cheeses and chocolate. I’m afraid the road to rolly-polliness continues to be long, wide and full of temptation.

Friends since high school days, Heather and I have seen one another through some of the best and some of the worst times in our lives. She’s always had a few choice words just when I have really needed them… Our relationship is also a lot of FUN and today was no exception. We laughed until our sides ached!

Backing up a few days, my sister Barb and great friend Mary stayed for two nights at the beginning of the week and Merida’s symphony conductor Juan Carlos Lomonaco’s sister and a friend also visited us in our West Vancouver digs.  Harry and Pilar are in the magazine publishing business and it was interesting to hear their take on the future for writers in Canada. Apparently it’s no easier than anywhere else. But as Harry said, “People aren’t going to stop reading and new authors do get lucky on a regular basis.” Hope springs eternal, I guess.  

Monday will see us leave Vancouver and fly to Calgary where we’ll spend a few days with Vanda and Ali, good friends from Merida. It’s odd how my two worlds are now converging. In Mexico we see many friends from Canada and here in Canada, we meet up with lots of people we’ve gotten to know in Mexico!

Indeed… it’s a small world after all.

PS. For Colleen… If you read this “Happy Birthday”. Jorge and I thought of you when we drank today’s champagne!


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Team Mexico’s fireworks display dazzles Vancouver crowd

July 29, 2010

Hey! Have a look at how Team Mexico dazzled Vancouver last night!

Jorge and I enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display in the company of about 15 family members, friends and neighbors… sitting on the logs of a the West Vancouver beach.  Marvelous!

Ah… here are another couple of photos of the Rosado-Brown reunion at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver

See more fireworks pictures by checking out this link:

 Team Mexico’s fireworks display dazzles Vancouver crowd.

¡Viva México!


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I could get so used to this…

July 27, 2010

Joanna and her sisters


Jorge and I are still in Canada enjoying the west coast Canadian summer at its best! We’ve not had a drop of rain but have been showered with kindness by many good friends.

My long-time friend Mary has chauffeured us from one lovely event to another. She’s planning to join us on our Life Long Learning trips this winter and will perhaps spend a few weeks in Merida as well.

Those of you who live in Merida will be thrilled to see this photograph of Jan and Tony Brown. They both look fantastic and are looking forward to returning to their La Ceiba home in early October.  (J.K. if you are reading this, Jan absolutely loved her Frida necklace!)

The family have also deluged us with invitations to dinners and picnics and we are beginning to feel like roly-poly piglets!

We corresponded with an invitation to all my brothers, sisters and significant others to join us for mole and margaritas. They tucked in as though they were the Mexican relatives… not the Canadian ones!

Hikes in the parks and along the little beach in front of “our” house are helping to keep the zippers from completely popping…

The sales are at their peak in the city’s department stores and boutiques. The bargains are hard to resist but the weight restrictions are keeping the spending in check.


However, the best part of this holiday is waking up each morning and knowing that

I don’t HAVE to do anything. Stress level is down to almost zero. My only responsibility is keeping the ten plants watered – I could get so used to this!

(Yes these pithaya-looking flowers are growing in a West Vancouver home… here they are called “Moon Flowers”)


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