Canada Day & The Fourth of July in Mexico

July 5, 2010

Canada Day & The Fourth of July in Mexico


With Canada Day falling on Thursday and the Fourth of July on Sunday, Merida’s international community celebrated 2 for 1 by hosting a picnic in the garden of the US consul’s home. Of course, it rained but this happens every year and the organizing committee was prepared. Big Coca-Cola awnings had been set up and everyone gathered underneath (sitting on Coca-Cola chairs at Coca-Cola tables…) Downpour or not, lots of hot dogs and hamburgers somehow got grilled… beer and (what else but…) Coca-Cola washed it all down and tall tales ran through the crowd.  

One conversation I heard was about road travel between Merida and the USA border. The first part of the exchange revolved around the perils of the highway. Pot holes… and bandits… and no signage – oh my! On the point of tuning out, my attention was caught again when the discussion turned to the accommodation en route.

A  couple told us all about their recent trip in tandem with another car (a good safety practice) from Merida to Villahermosa. It was their first time on this particular stretch and they were grateful for the company. After nine hours on the road and close to their destination, the lead car signaled for them to pull off to the side.

“Do you have a hotel for the night?” they were asked.

“We figured we’d get into town and find one… we’ve heard there are plenty available.”

“Driving in downtown Villahermosa is a nightmare,” they were advised and in the next breath, the woman from the other vehicle said, “We always stay in the no-tell motel that’s just up the road.” It’s easy to access, clean and not too expensive.”

Deciding to follow the advice of the more experienced travelers, the Merida couple nodded their heads in agreement.

Back in their own car again, Wife asks, “Is a no-tell motel what I think it is?” “Probably,” is all her husband would say.

And indeed it was, complete with a heart-shaped bed and bath tub. They reported that all was immaculate and dinner was delivered through a small dumbwaiter set into the wall. They felt daring and looked forward to recounting this out-of-character tale to their friends back home.

Studying the velvet art nudes on the wall, the wife said to her husband, “They won’t believe it when we tell them we stayed in a place like this,”  He sat closer and smiled,

“Yah…ah…ah, especially if we describe what was on TV when we tried to watch the news!”

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3 responses to “Canada Day & The Fourth of July in Mexico

  1. Margarita P. Harman

    And your book? fabulous!!!! Margarita

  2. Margarita P. Harman

    Joanna, we are very happy that we had the opportunity to be with you and Jorge after so many years. We enjoyed every minute and all the memories. Believe or not, when we were leaving Merida we saw Roberta Graham de Escobedo also after 16 years!!! Perhaps, Merida is calling us to retire there someday.

    Greetings from Albany, NY.


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