Leaving on a jet plane…

July 15, 2010


Remember that song, “I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane”

The next line was, “Don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

But I do though, August 10th is the day

That Writing From Merida will once again play –

Across your PCs, Macs or laptops

With tales about writing, Merida and whatnot.

If there’s a chance in the next four short weeks

I’ll post from Vancouver, but not from Wreck Beach!

Victoria is famous for Parliament and flowers

On BC Ferries we’ll arrive in two hours.

Whistler would be a very fine place

To take some great pictures of beautiful space.

We’ll also be going, near Calgary

And on our way there, we’ll see great scenery

In the tall Rocky mountains, green fields and fast streams

We’ve been there before, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Yet all the beauty we’ll see won’t compare

To being with loved ones with whom we’ll share

Coffee in the morning and wine in the night

 Pacific barbequed oysters will be a delight!

The summer is young, there’s still some time

To plan a vacation to a place that’s divine

Near or far, in fine company or alone

It’s good for the soul to get out and roam

*** All photos, except the one of Jorge and I are from Google Images




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5 responses to “Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Have a wonderful vacation. It will be lovely to be in a cooler climate for a while.

    • For everyone who left comments yesterday … Thanks so much for your good wishes. Jorge and I arrived safe and sound and enjoyed a great night’s sleep… The weather is gorgeous and we’re looking forward to a wonderful stay in “Beautiful British Coumbia” I’ll check in from time to time

  2. Jillian van der Gracht

    So looking forward to seeing you both! I hope your flight today was OK and I’ll probably see you tomorrow!

  3. Hope to see you (or at least get to chat) here on the cool West Coast! Have a good trip.

  4. Marie Ros

    Have a great time. Victoria is lovely.

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