A Day To Remember…

 July 21, 2010

B.C. Ferries in Horseshoe Bay

This morning the sun had barely risen over the mountains when Jorge and I set off to visit Vancouver Island and our family living there. We managed to score window seating right at the front of the ferry and happily tucked into the “West Coast Cholesterol Special” – the kind of breakfast that my dad used to say “will put hair on your chest!” Eggs, sausages, bacon and buttered toast… getting through all that food and exclaiming over the spectacular Pacific ocean scenery took up every minute of the one and a half hour crossing time.

Maple Bay

Met by our aunts Dot and Alice, we drove up the Island Highway to Maple Bay, my mother’s childhood home. How many times had all of us been to this unique beach with her? Clambering along  the rocky shoreline was her all-time favorite way to spend a day! The fact that she’s no longer with us in bodily form didn’t diminish her presence in the least… today would have been her 85th birthday.

A birthday bouquet for Mom

Genoa Bay, another of Mom’s haunts was next on the itinerary. Jorge had a blast, camping-it-up for my new camera.

Back in Nanaimo, we visited more family, including “Tio Doug” who is now 98 years old. He wintered in Yucatan for more than twenty years and endeared himself to all our friends and family. He charmed the ladies too. He told us that on one memorable day, three of Merida’s most eligible ladies “of a certain age” came calling at the same time. They considered him to be a “three timer” and let him have it with both barrels. “But Ladies,” he reportedly said, “there’s plenty of me for you all!”  

Lots of reminiscing, looking at photographs and promises ”to do this more often” ensued and I just know that Mom was happy with her birthday celebration…

Jorge and I headed home to our lovely little nest… And ah, in case you can’t tell, “We’re haing a wonderful time!”

Our home for three weeks!

 *** All photos taken today on my new Fuji XP camera

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One response to “A Day To Remember…

  1. Larry

    I can see that you are having fun!!!! Please give our greetings from Progreso to any of your family that we have met… and all the others, too!!! And a big hug to Jan and Tony Brown if you get to see them while there!!

    Keeping on enjoying your beautiful “nest” and your visit with family and friends in Beautiful BC!!!
    Larry and Reg

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