Homeward bound…

August 4, 2010

On one of my recent postings, I said, “Travel is good for the soul”… So very true! Jorge and I have spent lazy days basking  in peace at our “doll house on the sea” and on a few occasions, we’ve partied harder than we knew we still could! We’ve visited many of the incredible natural attractions of western Canada and shopped in unique boutiques. (You know me… this part was  very, very fun! ) Seeing new sights and old friends… as well feasting on delicacies that are seldom-available in Merida has renewed our energy and rejuvenated our outlook on life.

But now, after almost three weeks, we’ve come to the last day of our holiday in Canada. We’ve had an absolute blast but are now looking very forward to getting back to Merida and seeing all our family and friends there. Tomorrow,  Ali and Vanda will have us at the airport by (groan) 5 am. They are troopers, I can tell you. On Monday, I’ll be back writing regularly on “Writing From Merida”

I hope you enjoy these final pics…

Mary and I say goodbye on the steps of the doll house… you’ll all be seeing her in Merida this fall

Driving along English Bay enroute for YVR

 On our way to Calgary, we flew over the spectacular Rockie Mountains

 Yesterday, Vanda and Ali took us on a drive through the Alberta countryside. The band of bright yellow is  acanola field

 We had lunch here in tiny Twin Butte – Look at the sign above the roof! The house-specialty is “Mexican food” and it was good… the owners explained that they spend their winters in Playa del Carmen. We were flabergasted to see once again just how small the world really is!




We saw these two fawns along the roadside 


Delicate flowers and wild grasses too!







The final destination of our drive was Waterton. The crystal clear, glacier- fed lakes straddle the Canada – USA Rockies. Breathtaking! 

Ali, Vanda and Joanna 

Waterton’s Hotel Prince of Wales is one of the hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway at the turn of the century… No, we didn’t spend the night here. But there’s always next time!


Truly, we are blessed.




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8 responses to “Homeward bound…

  1. Vanda

    We had a blast! Thank you for taking time to visit us, we will have to do this again.

    big hugs to you both

  2. Hi Rainie, Jonna and Suk… thanks so much for your comments. I am writing this reply from Cancun and tomorrow I’ll be writing from Merida!

  3. What beautiful photos! Have a safe trip home.

  4. Suk Banks

    Joanna, enjoyed beautiful pictures specally now, not winter, I love Canada, it’s beautiful country. I am very facinating how y got to merida & married & lived there long times. I worked in the hospital we have lots of Canadian nurses bc pay is much better in houston medical center but They always go back summer times & bring me a gift. Walter, my hubby , my mother & I went to montreal, had a blast, toronto & niagara fall long time ago. We went to Seattle last year had chance to go BC but we were tight schedule so we missed oppotunity . Hope I will trave with Walter oneday expolore Canada again. Enjoyed very much your pictures & good families, your son, Carlos pictures are superb, maybe our 25 yrs wedding anniversary I might ask him to do our potrait. Tx SB

  5. Mary Moore

    What a wonderful time you and Jorge had in Canada — thanks for sharing it with us. You certainly learned how to use your new camera quickly; the photos were phenomenal. Did you take the one of the leaping Orca whale?!
    Have a smooth trip back to Merida….
    Hugs, Mary and Joe

  6. Look at you two, all bundled up! What a nice break from summer in the tropics.

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