A Little Heads-up…

August 23, 2010

A little heads up for you today! Saturday August 28th is the wedding anniversary of Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera. In cities such as Puebla, Oaxaca and of course Coyoacán (where the exquisite Casa Azul is located) many restaurants will feature special anniversary dinners, Chiles en Nogada will be among the entrees. So…  if you are a Frida and/or Diego fan and are looking for an excuse to have a dinner party… I just gave you one!

Frida and Diego did not have a marriage made in Heaven, in fact a lot of the time it was absolute Hell. His notorious womanizing and her outrageous temper and the pain she lived with were issues that caused constant tension between the two. But that they loved one another with great passion, there can be no doubt.

Their marriage took place in 1932. Accounts of the drunken reception are probably exaggerated but it’s not likely that it was a sedate affair. Frida and Diego had scores of hot-headed artistic and politically active friends and acquaintances who could not be in the same room so it’s probable that, fueled by tequila, tempers flew.

The marriage lasted until 1940 but the divorce was soon thrown out and the couple re-married. They remained together until Frida’s death in 1954.

During her lifetime, Frida was shadowed by her famous husband although he did champion her whenever he was given the chance. But, posthumously, she is certainly as well known as Diego… in some circles, more so.

Diego and Frida had such markedly masculine and feminine styles. He was all about BIG and BOLD exteriors and important causes, while she expressed the inner musings of her often tormented psyche. Diego was fond of saying, “I paint what I see all around me but Frida paints what is in her heart”

Both were passionately Mexican in their speech, their dress, the environment they created and in their art.

So if you decide to have that dinner party this Saturday, play loud Mexican cantina music… drink your tequila neat… revel in the fiery hot food… and be with the one you love.

¡Viva Frida y Diego!

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2 responses to “A Little Heads-up…

  1. Dan

    You label Diego a womanizer, but you fail to mention Freida’s numerous affairs. (Does that make her a manizer?)

    • Yes, she certainly had affairs too but without the luxury of unlimited space it’s challenging to discuss the difference. I would just say that Diego’s regard to the women in his life was careless; I believe Frida’s dalliances were reactionary to that

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