Awesome News…

August 24, 2010

Awesome News…

A few weeks ago (July 9th) I posted a piece entitled, “Who’s Writing?”  It began,

Lately the posts on this blog have been about almost everything except my… a-hem writing.  Actually an email came in asking if I still planned to publish another book. If so, in what decade might that happen?

The fact is… I have been writing – a lot and have two books that are ready to go.  But those publishers are darn hard to pin down. Yes, sir-ee Bob!”

As often happens, I received several email comments one of which read,

Uh, publishing books with Mexican and Latin American ties is what we do :-)

The message was from the acquisitions director at Editoral Mazatlán ( … and they were willing to look at my manuscript!

It felt a little strange to e-mail my work off to them but I did so, and when Jorge and I returned from our vacation in Canada, I heard that YES, they might be interested in publishing the book. The editor and I have corresponded at length over the ensuing few weeks and yesterday, we signed a contract.

Editorial Mazatlán is a small independent publisher located in Mazatlán ,Sinaloa, specializing in English-language books on Mexican history and culture. This seems like the perfect publisher for me, don’t you think?

The book MAGIC MADE IN MEXICO is written for   the international community in Mexico. It tells the story of my thirty five years living in Mérida, gives an overview of the country’s history and anecdotal advice for recently arrived residents.

I self published a similar book in 2007 ( Tomando Agua de Pozo ). When all the copies were sold, many readers asked me to print a second edition. However as much of the information was out of date, I decided to write a new updated version. Some sections will be familiar to those who read my first book, yet the content of this book is quite different.

Before Christmas, MAGIC MADE IN MEXICO will be available to you in book stores, libraries and on Amazon. If you’d like to reserve a signed copy, let me know…

And how do I feel? Well, they say “a picture paints a thousand words”… I think the ones on this posting do precisely that!

* Photos taken by Aris Delgado



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12 responses to “Awesome News…

  1. Marie Ros

    So happy to read this great news. You know I want a signed copy!! Best wishes, Marie

  2. Jan Brown

    Absolutely wonderful news! You have worked hard Joanna and deserve every bit of recognition you receive for not only the conceptual aspect of the book, but also the conviction that writing enriches the world around us, not only for ourselves but also for others. Jan xoxo

  3. ah Joanna, I am thrilled for your good news – I know you were pensive of finding the right venue for your book. This sounds perfect. Be sure to set my copy aside.”Felicidades Debi

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations Joanna! I can’t wait to buy my own autographed copy. It sounds wonderful.

  5. Janice K.

    Oh Joanna,

    Wonderful news! “Old timers” as well as newbies are going to love this. What a great year you are having and you deserve it!


  6. me

    Joanna-After scouring the internet, in search of “Tomando agua del pozo”, I deduced it must be out of print; so this is great news! Everyday (for hours on end), I think about when, if, how, I may make the move to Mérida. You and I share somewhat similar histories from our youth, but in distinct cities in México. As I contemplate the next “etapa de mi vida”, the life notes you share here help to guide my wavering rudder a bit. Grácias.

  7. Mary Moore

    What great news indeed — congratulations!! We will certainly want to buy a signed copy of your book as soon as it’s available. I know it will be full of useful and interesting information. And wit and sparkle too, considering who wrote it.

  8. Congratulations Joanna! You have worked your butt off and really deserve this good news. Will there be a book signing party? I’ll be buying many copies because the book will be a great gift to give to newcomers.

    • Thank you Rainie, oh yes, you know me… there will definitely be a party! You and the other members of the Merida Writers Group have supported and cheared me on… where would I be without you? Muchas gracias to Janice, Jonna, Mary and the reader who calls herself “Me”…

      • Jody

        How embarassing! My name is Jody–not “Me”.

      • I’m so glad you cleared that up Jody. You see I have a long-time friend who often signs her letters, “Me”… I didn’t think your letter was from her… ha,ha… Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words…

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