Amaro’s… a different kind of night spot

August 25, 2010

Amaro’s… a different kind of night spot

Last Saturday evening, Jorge and I went to one of our favorite night spots.

Amaros, located on Calle 59 between 60 and 62 is actually a vegetarian restaurant with live entertainment. The house trovador is an excellent guitarist with a charming bohemian style. He obviously enjoys singing  the music of Fernando Delgadillo, Silvio Rodriguez, Fito Paez, and Alejandro Filio but that’s fine with me… I enjoy listening. The songs are gentle and romantic.

The food and service at Amaros are not 5 star but they are pleasant and any omissions are certainly made up for by the ambiance. The seating is outside under a huge flowering tree where the evening breeze blows between the tables and the illumination is by candlelight. Many interesting old pieces of wrought iron, glass, pottery and wood are placed here and there, adding to the easy, eclectic atmosphere.

Local artists’ recent works are shown in the restaurant’s periphery gallery, so this too is a nice feature.

The clientele at Amaros is a good mix of locals and internationals. Tourists also go to Amaros but most of them do not spend a couple of hours with “one more glass of wine” , just listening to the music and smiling…

As we exited hand and in hand we were surprised by the sight of a blast from the past…

One of the waiters said, “It belongs to the musician,” I couldn’t resist taking a picture of “Gitana” and we smiled some more, remembering a similar VW van that in years long-past took us to many wonderful places, under both the sun and  the stars…



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5 responses to “Amaro’s… a different kind of night spot

  1. Ron

    Need to start a list for our November trip. Amaro has been on our list before, but we have never made it there.

    We will in November. Thanks for the post!!


  2. Mary Moore

    Amaro’s sounds like a very special place, Joanna. I think we’ll definitely make it one of our first restaurant outings when we get to Merida in the fall — maybe with you and Jorge?

    • Yes Mary, that sounds like a great idea… maybe we can make up a nice group to welcome you to Merida
      Jan, thanks for your good wishes and congratulations for having your work published in the professional journal… great job!
      Jeanne… ah yes, what you describe is the kind of magic that happen in Merida… small details that make a HUGE difference.
      Debi, we’d love to go there with you and Tom one evening

  3. Jeanne

    Love Amarro’s. No where in the US does a waiter run up to me and give me a kiss the way Victor does. He’s so happy to see us every year, it brings us back over and over. See you in October.

  4. Tom and I love Amaro’s. They do have a pretty good wine list, but I love their Sangria! I too love the variety of music they bring; one of our favorites you remember, Angelica Ballado…
    We should go some evening…..

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