The Weekend

August 30, 2010

The Weekend…

A  delightful weekend it was indeed. I am enjoying my book editing but all work and no play makes for a pretty prescribed life! Finished early  on Friday evening, we spent most of our Saturday and Sunday with family and friends…  

I tied on my apron and pulled out the cutting boards and big knives. I coaxed Jorge to join me in the kitchen and we commenced our annual late August tradition… making “Chiles en Nogada! “ This signature dish from Puebla is not at all difficult to prepare but it is very time-consuming. There is much chop-chop-chop… then more chop-chop-chop! (See the recipe I posted a few days ago) A couple of hours later, we put the meat and fruit filled beauties into the fridge “to set.”  The next day we’d have company to share them with …

Our enjoyment of the food and our friends made us feel that the extra effort involved in making the complex regional specialty was time well-spent.

As margaritas, wine, and limoncello were also part of the evening, Sunday was a bit of a washout. We went for a drive through the nearly deserted Merida streets (almost all Méridanos were at the beach today) and we came across an uncommon sight:

Doesn’t it seem strange to see that sorghum plant growing through the sidewalk? Can you read what’s written on the wall – below the “Se Vende” sign? An unknown wannabe rancher has scrawled, “Esta es mi milpa, no cortar – This is my crop, don’t cut it down.” For some reason we found this charming, and Jorge insisted on having his picture taken in the “milpa”

Back home…  a swim and siesta – life is good!



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2 responses to “The Weekend

  1. I love that pic of Jorge at the ‘milpa’. I drive by that almost every day, it’s on C. 64 right? I always thought it would make a great picture, glad you got the pic.

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