The editing is going swimmingly…

September 3, 2010

The editing is going swimmingly…

I have not been able to post for the past two days because I am up to my (bloodshot) eyeballs in the editing of my new book, Magic Made in Mexico, to be released on November 25th… in time for Christmas presents! I am very pleased with the progress I am making, although this is 90% thanks to my excellent editor David Bodwell at Editorial Mazatlan.

I am lucky to have good friends… like Marianne Kehoe, who has guest blogged on Writing From Merida on several previous occasions. She has sent me a poem she wrote. I know you’ll all appreciate her growing proficiency in Spanish, her mastery of English and her wonderful writer’s wit in both languages.

Marianne and her husband Jim



A challenge for the Spanish is our for and fore and four

All sounding quite identical but prone to much error.

Confusing words like foreplay and to play for – Que horror!

Needs throw the tongue off balance of the properest señor.

Which brings me to my problem, it’s that Spanish para,  por.

How do you tell the difference when they both translate to for?

I could muddle in confusion, beat my fists upon the door,

Or write this little ditty imposible to ignore.

I’m doing it por nada, a cost you can’t refuse,

Por my computadora. ¡Por Dios! You can’t lose.

Por ejemplo, when you’re walking por the park or por the street

Look out por errant buses that can knock you off your feet.

Para mi, I have examples I have written para you.

That will help you para memorize all that you have to do.

Por favor, now listen carefully, don’t pick up a miscue

Por si acaso if you’re thinking it’s just way too much for you.

So por eso I’ll accelerate. Are you ready por the ride?

Hold on por one more stanza.  You can take this all in stride.

¡Por supuesto! Para me, it all has to do with pride

I’m working para competence, at least I’ve always tried.

It’s easy here in Mexico with examples por todas partes,

Don’t be nervioso por mistakes are expected always.

When you live here por a lifetime para listen por all days,

You’re bound by mere osmosis, that’s por my última vez.


Marianne Kehoe

August, 2010



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7 responses to “The editing is going swimmingly…

  1. Ingrid Rubio

    Escellent poem on the difficulty of the Spanish Language, congratulations!!!!

  2. That’s some writin! está por esta razón que necesito una copia para mi wallet!


  3. Eric Chaffee

    What fun, Marianne!


  4. Jan Brown

    A great Spanish lesson….timing is WONDERFUL as we will be back in Merida soon y para mi …pues I need all the help I can get!!!!!


  5. Valerie Pickles

    What a wonderful way to express por y para I will look at your poem regularly to make sure I am using them correctly .
    Thank you

  6. Marianne… you are the best!! thanks for that neat poem.

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