Three more days!

September 12, 2010

Three more days!

About two years ago the mysterious time piece was installed on one of the main traffic circles on Mérida’s Paseo de Montejo. “What is it?” … “It says there are just so many days until…” “Until what?”

We have watched the clock count down and I remember very clearly when it read 500… Then 400… Jorge and I made a point of going to check it out when we knew it would move to a lower centenary. At the start of summer it got down to 100… and today it is at 3.

Three more days!

México will celebrate its Bicentennial in just three days. There are parties planned and        decorations blanket the entire country. In Mexico City, our president has been gifting Mexican flags to millions of residents.

Our famous Monument to the Nation  is going to inaugurate its new “traje de luces”.  La Gobernadora will (no doubt very loudly) re-enact the patriotic cry, first heard 200 years ago in  the central Mexican town of Dolores – “Viva la Independencia”… “Viva”…“Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe”… “Viva”… “Viva México”… “Viva México!”… “Viva Mëxico!”

And then Juan Gabriel is going to perform for two hours! Si Señor! It is going to be quite a night!

There are some rumblings and naysayers ask, “With all of Mexico’s problems… what have we got to celebrate?” It is true, we have certainly got a plate full of issues… But we are here! La Raza is alive and well – somewhat poverty-stricken and cautious of things that go bump in the night… But here!

Maybe one has to go away from México to truly appreciate how much we really do love this country. A few years ago, Jorge and I were in Paris for “Fiestas Patrias” and we went to a party organized by the Mexicans living in the City of Lights. I felt so moved by all the far-from-home Mexicanos –  weeping openly while their anthem was sung… More than one told me, “Until I left México, I never knew HOW MUCH I love MY country!” Much tequila was consumed… much dancing… and many tears…  When the Norteña band sang “México Lindo y Querido”, I seriously wondered if the crowd was going to move en masse to the Charles de Gaul airport and commandeer planes to México.

If you are interested, this blog has a tab underneath the header that says: Bicentennial. There you’ll find an overview of just what we are celebrating on Wednesday and Thursday.

This country is amazing… the people are wonderful and the fiesta starting on Wednesday night will no doubt be one of the best you’ll ever see!

                ¡Viva México!


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