¡Viva México!

September 15, 2010…. ¡Viva México!

Everything is ready as can be… for months citizens and governors have been planning a great celebrations to commemorate this special, historic day – Mexico’s Bicentennial. 

It’s been a bonanza for street vendors who have had brisk sales of all sorts of Bicentennial souvenirs.

All manner of food is being concocted and one sees items for sale in the local Comercial Mexicana that one has never seen there before!!! These boys will be in the Pozole pot by nightfall.

Other more common comida mexicana is also on the menu for México’s Bicentennial.




But “Mother Nature” has a say in all of this and has decided to send an envoy… Tropical Storm Kyle is causing rain but so far – let’s hope it will not amount to more than that!

Nonetheless, we will put on our carefully selected costumes and we’ll celebrate in great style.

This an occasion when it will take more than rain to dampen people’s enthusiasm.








The headliner to follow El Grito is Juan Gabriel – no slouch is he. He claims that tonight ,as he belts out all his popular hits… la Virgen de Guadalupe will accompany him, just as she did Padre Hidalgo 200 years ago. Presumably she will see that no rain falls on our parade.

That’s the spirit… Viva México Señores!


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