It’s been such a long time!

September 28, 2010

It’s been such a long time!

I began the revisions and editing process of “Magic Made in Mexico” on August 23rd and here it is September 28th… My editor David Bodwell (Editorial Mazatlan) and I have written literally hundreds of emails back and forth. Every line of the manuscript has been debated – many times over! Through it all, we’ve been mostly cordial and the work has progressed at a good clip. In fact, it is now with the typesetter. Yeah!!!

When we hit this milestone, David asked me how I felt about the way the book had turned out. I told him that I so appreciated the fact that he did not try to change my work – but he enhanced it. Professional editors have the ability to see word, sentence, and paragraph order in completely different ways. In fact three complete sections of my book are now placed differently to where I’d originally written them.

The next step is choosing the cover images and design as well as the interior pictures, maps and graphs. In many ways, this is more fun but also entails endless decision making.

From here… the book will go to print and will be available by December 4th in select book stores, libraries and online at Amazon. An Ebook version will soon be launched…

For those readers who do not know the story that inspired “Magic Made in Mexico”… here’s a short outline.

MAGIC MADE IN MEXICO consists of three main sections – almost each is a book in itself!

In the first part, “Joanna’s Story”, you will read about how I met the man who would become my husband and how I moved to México to be with him. That happened almost 35 years ago and in the process, I became part of the magic that is so all-encompassing in this corner of the world. I´ve lived such amazing adventures, and yes, from time to time, have struggled with homesickness and cultural clashes.

The second section of this book is a detailed guide that will shed light on many cultural issues.“The Alphabet” features anecdotes and practical tips that will increase your appreciation of the unique customs of México… from A – Z.

In the third part of the book “Our Country – Our State – Our City,” you will find a condensed, concise, history of México. Reading through the easy-to-follow pages, many of your questions about the pre-Columbian México, the Spanish conquest, the Independence and the forming of the Republic will be answered. Learning about the past will increase your understanding of present-day México

As well, MAGIC MADE IN MEXICO features a condensed account of how Jorge and I started and still successfully run our own college.

Finally, to further increase your enjoyment and knowledge, a suggested reading list provides the names of other informative and interesting books about the country.  

Settling into life in this very diverse country is full of fun and feistiness. México seduces like a Latin lover, and every day you’ll be surprised by the people’s warmth and kindness; the vibrant music, delicious cuisine, sultry climate and vivid colors of this land that are a feast for every one of the senses.

P.S. One track mind or what? I just glanced through the former posts for this month and can see that I am repeating myself – a lot! Sorry for the repeated info and pictures… I already have something very different planned for tomorrow!



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4 responses to “It’s been such a long time!

  1. Ingrid Rubio

    Joanna, looking forward to reading your new book, I’m sure it will be as interesting as “Tomando agua de pozo”. Have enjoyed reading your blog, and wish to thank you for being part of the “yucatecan community”.

  2. Barb

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, in preparation for our move to Progreso in the near future. I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of your book.

  3. We’re all waiting anxiously for your book to be in print. Even after having lived here a while I know I’ll learn so much from your experiences and insights!
    mil gracias

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