A new experience…

September 30, 2010

‘Last day of the month…

I’ve always felt that September 1st is the true start of my annual cycle. Many years as a student followed by many more as a teacher and college director have reinforced that conviction. The fact that Jorge and I are “sort-of” retired hasn’t really changed things.  There’s an energy that takes hold of us and all sorts of new projects and plans are conceived.

Revising and editing my book has taken up the lion’s share of hours this month, yet Jorge and I have still enjoyed September’s novelty. Despite la crisis our school got off to a rousing start… we celebrated México’s Bicentennial… saw friends… swam the pool and took walks around our neighborhood.

This past Monday and Tuesday, my friend Ellyn and I had a new experience. We were extras in a promotional video! Our makeup and hair was done by the on-site beautician and we were photographed by professionals. We met the “real models” and heard about their glamorous lives…


The hacienda where it all happened… Our hostess and the photographer   


One of the lovely models and the lady who        did our hair and makeup   


We took a cooking class for the camera and I also got to be a painter…

Great fun!


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