Mazatlán… ay mi Mazatlán…

October 6, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mazatlán… ay mi Mazatlán…

I have been in Mazatlán for three days now… the editing is going well. Not without a few snags but all the same, I am very satisfied and grateful for this opportunity. Yes, grateful. I am not hung up on believing this is entirely the result of my writing ability… I have been very lucky and I know it.

While here I have checked my usual blogs and forums and today on Nathan Bradsford’s   excellent blog  we are asked “Would you consider self publishing?” Many of the responses (117 comments in all) must be from very young or very naïve writers.  A sampling:

“I would never consider self publishing!”

“I value my work too much to go that route.”

“It’s OK for some but not for me.”

I self published my book three years ago. It was well received and I was repeatedly asked for a second edition. Why re-print an out-of-date book? I decided to re-write and re-title. Through my blog met Richard Grabman (who I did not know was the acquisitions editor for Editorial  Mazatlán)  He wrote to me… I sent him my manuscript… the editor read it… and the rest is history!

I would never be in this position had I not self published. And blogging is another great way to get yourself known in the writing world.

Go for it! Don’t be hung up on the “traditional model”.  There are all sorts of options out there. Yes, self publishing is A LOT of work but so is working with an editor… Believe me!

Nothing worth the effort is ever easy… open your mind and go with the option that presents itself. Walk through that door – whether it is your first choice or not. Be brave and be willing to start small. If you are persistent, other opportunities WILL come along.



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5 responses to “Mazatlán… ay mi Mazatlán…

  1. Joanna, It was too bad we weren’t able to get together while you were in town. I hope you had some fun and didn’t work the entire time! Congratulations on such a big step, we really are looking forward to reading your book when it is published!

    Saludos, Nancy in Mazatlán

  2. Congrats on all fronts! Pacific coast or Caribbean – you rock!

  3. so proud to know you, and glad it’s going well! Congrats on this big step in your journey…

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