Sunday in Mexico City

Sunday in any city has a different rhythm, and nowhere can that be more so than in Mexico City. Vendors and families pour into the streets and head for the parks. Mothers herd excited children while fathers or oldest brothers carried hampers full of picnic treats.

Jorge and I followed the throngs today… deep into Chapultepec Park.

 We passed the “Torre Latinoamericana” enroute to Chapultepec Park

 Yes! There is forest in the park… in the heart of a city with an  estimated population of 22,000,000

 The courtyard of the Museum ofAnthropology and one of the special Maya pieces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Unfortunately, the  best thing about the “Museo Rufino Tamayo” was this cup of coffee. Aparently a dispute between the artist and the museum sponsors resulted in there being just one Tamayo piece in the whole place!


This is the “Torre Mayor”, currently the tallest building in the city                                                                                                           



  We slipped inside the Four Seasons Hotel to see  the stairway, garden and innovative lamp fixtures!







In the evening, we had another big city thrill with a home-town twist. We attended a concert at “Auditorio Nacional” that headlined our very own Merida Symphony Orchestra. Juan Carlos Lomonaco conducted and the featured tenor was none other than Juan Diego Florez. The musicians played superbly and we basked in the comments we heard all around us… “I didn’t know that Mérida had such a wonderful symphony!” …                                                                                                                                               

The professional charisma between the handsome Peruvian tenor and our personable conductor was obvious and their enjoyment in the performance added to our own. The first half of the program was well received but the second half had the audience up and cheering. Latin American favorites like “Huapango” , “Ella” , “La Flor de la Canela” and “Danzon No. 2” brought the house down.

 All in all, it was another extremely enjoyable day in “La Capital”.

Photo credits: “Moi” and Google Images


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