Canadian Thanksgiving in Mexico City

Today, I send out very special greetings to all my Canadian friends and family … and there are MANY of you!

I am reminded of so many Thanksgiving feasts through the years… in Canada and here in Mexico. I know that as I write this blog entry, in Yucatan, a very wonderful pot luck is in progress at Cindy & Dan’s place… At my sister Barb’s home in Kamloops, no doubt a splendid bird has been expertly roasted and happy van der Grachts are digging in with gusto…  Our daughter Maggie is in Merida and son, Carlos is in Norway. Yes… our loved ones are certainly flung far a-field!

But Jorge and I do not feel alone this day. We have become accustomed to the international lifestyle we lead and although our special darlings are not sharing our table tonight, they are ALL alive and well in our hearts.

And just how are Joanna and Jorge spending this momentous day?

We made our way to the very heart of the city, just one side of the Zocalo to visit the Secretaria de Educacion headquarters. If this sounds like a Fireman’s holiday… you are mistaken. Of all things, this building houses the largest collection of Diego Rivera murals – bar none. There are more than 100 of them. When Jorge suggested going to see the building, I had no idea of what was coming. The murals were painted at the end of the 1920s and tell the story of Mexico during this tumuluous period.

Diego Rivera is a materful painter… I would rate his composition as among the very best. Here is a sampling for you to enjoy…




 A rural teacher is depicted with her young students









 Never one to miss an opportunity to ridicule the bourgois, Diego Rivera points out the failings of upper class to adjust to reality







 This picture glorifying socialism was being restored today. The SEP has a team of experts constantly upkeeping the murals









 This is a detail of the mural that features Frida Kahlo as a socialist heroine




 Celebrating the harvest

 It took us more than four hours to view all the murals… but the time flew by thanks to our excellent SEP guide Raul Puga who was so knowledgable about every single mural. If you are in Mexico City, I strongly recommend a visit to this marvelous collection.

And now its time for our dinner… We’ll be going to “Sirenas” a favorite Restaurant near the Zocalo.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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2 responses to “Canadian Thanksgiving in Mexico City

  1. Ron

    I was just with friends from Kamloops, colleagues from Thomspon River University, other parts of BC and the Yukon at a conference in Vancouver a week or so ago. Had a great time!

    • Great, it is a beautiful area and the people are very interesting… my sister and her family love it there. Their son is at the university studying first year arts

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