Columbus Day in Mexico City

“Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue                                                                                                                                                          

In fourteen hundred and ninty-two!”

I learned that rhyme in grade school, never knowing that the famous explorer’s name was actually Cristóbal Colón or imagining that I would ever live in Mexico.  

Today on the 518th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, there is much to think about.  Jorge and I had every intention of visiting “Palacio Nacional” this morning but were discouraged from doing so by the hundreds we saw lined up ahead of us. In this age of “security issues”, each person entering the national monument needed to show their ID and go through the electronic scanner. We gave up and headed back to the hotel, put on our runners and walked… all the way to Colonia Condesa where we partook of a wonderful lunch. We took a cab back to the hotel and are now getting into “Yucatán re-entry mode” by taking a long, leisurely siesta.

Tomorrow we’ll fly back to “la ciudad blanca” with many great memories of the past ten days… but great anticipation to be back home!



 Monuments “El Angel” and “La Diana” are both located on Avenue Reforma









 This beautiful statue of a pegasus is in front of the “Bellas Artes” Theater


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