Halloween Cometh…

I grew up in a family of eight children; I am the eldest, followed by three brothers… three sisters and the final boy. Mom used to call me “Alpha”. Then came “The Boys,” followed by “The Girls,” and then “Omega.” The first seven of us were born in a period of nine years, two months, and three weeks… John came six years later. Can you imagine?  

Ten other big families lived on our street and the neighboring ones teemed with still more kids. We made our own fun and Halloween always presented umpteen opportunities for eerie creativity. We really, really, really got into it!

Our home was always designated “the haunted house” because our mom was the only one who would put up with all the gluing, nailing, stringing and piling-up that was necessary to construct the scary scenario. She actually helped us make “ghosts” out of long strands of white toilette paper and then (using flour and water paste) she allowed us to stick them all over the ceiling of the boys’ bedroom. She cooked up a huge pot of spaghetti, let it get cold then permitted us to leave great bowls of it in dark corners. We painstakingly peeled grapes and we squirted ketchup…

Once the stage was set, we’d charge our friends a nickel, blindfold them and then lead them by the hand through the boys’ bedroom (our creepy castle.) In the background, my brothers would be singing out, “Oo-oo-oo-oo… oo-ooo-oo-oo!” After tripping over piles of pillowcases stuffed with newspaper (body-bags); feeling the “ghosts” graze their faces; having their hands plunged into the chilled pasta (innards) and peeled gapes (eyeballs)… then having the blindfold whipped off and seeing ketchup-covered dolls (blood-soaked corpses) illuminated by rapidly moving flashlight beams, (lightning) the participants would be pounced on by three squeaky boys dressed as ghouls, screaming “I’m gonna eat YOU!” … The terrified kids would run away howling. But you know what? They’d  line up again for a repeat run-through!

Those were the days my friend… and you know what? All of us turned out to be well adjusted normal people! But my love of Halloween decorating has never abated. It is of course more understated than in my youth but I still love collecting and annually displaying my “scary statues” and “macabre memorabilia”… I hope you enjoy the photos!       

          These are new, purchased while I was in Mexico  City! 







Here are a few  more of my favorites…









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