Like everything in life, the Day of the Dead is undergoing changes – it isno longer celebrated only in the traditional way .  Some argue that this is a shame, but I see it as a reflection of our BIG multicultural world.

Take our college for example. The students spend as much time online as they do in the “real” world. I think it stands to reason they will be impacted by all they see there. And so we have (as one student put it)  a new “fusion” holiday called “Hallow´pixan

This new name comes from combining Halloween (our Anglo name for the holiday at this time of year)  and Hanal Pixan (The Maya name that means food for the dead)

Some groups held fast to tradition with their altar displays while others carved pumpkins – very creatively! Certainly there’s room for both in our world…







Photos by Aris and Pamela at TTT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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