In my humble opinion…

In my humble opinion… there are some real whackos out there.

 Today’s topic is not one I want to address but a recent article I read on someone else’s blog got me all fired up. I’m not going to cite the site but I will tell you that it proposed a “novel solution” to the illegal immigration issue. Simply finish what President Polk “so admirably did in 1848”… This guy actually advocates invasion and the annexing the rest of Mexico to the USA! Another of his surprising solutions is to overdose all the drug addicts “so we won’t have to look after ‘em no more…”  

God, give me strength!

There are many injustices in our world. So many in fact that our pea brains cannot cope. We tend to tune out because; well… we have to continue functioning. If we allowed ourselves to dwell non-stop on our planet’s failure to live in harmony, we’d soon be blathering away in some psych ward. It’s too daunting.

But from time to time I need to take stock. There are unending news reports about the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, the war on poverty, the war on corruption, the war on arms escalation… Yea Gads there are a lot of wars raging – right here in my back yard! And I blithely go about my business. With these five wars plus the other ones that are out there such as war on diseases, the war on obesity, the war on aging etc., etc. –  how is it possible that I’m out walking around? Shouldn’t I be holed up in a bunker?

Obviously I’m not because the aforementioned are NOT wars. These are issues our region faces and our society is attempting to resolve them (pardon me) ass backwards. The whole mess we’re in continues to worsen, despite the billions of dollars our governments spend. Why?

If there’s one situation I cannot abide it is missed opportunities. I get so upset when I see people carry on feuds that could be laid to rest through negotiation… money squabbles that could be resolved by sensible spending… relationships that could be rewarding if there was mutual appreciation. None of this is rocket science. It involves pride. “Pride goeth before a fall” …  and are we ever groveling around in the dirt!

Pride and arrogance – the root of all evil in my books. Why can’t our leaders accept and admit that the established patterns are NOT working. Our nations need to negotiate, budget sensibly and respect one another.

’Want to see something really frightening this Halloween? Take a gander at  You’ll see that the “war” on drugs has cost $42,356,788,965 so far this year.

 In August, US Congress authorized an additional $60,000,000.00 to be spent on border control. Come on people! Doesn’t the expression “throwing good money after bad” ring any bells?

Maybe we’d see much more progress if these astronomical amounts of money were spent on drug rehabilitation? Or if the wretched stuff was legalized and the “forbidden allure” was lost maybe less people would get hooked in the first place. If the heinous border security allocation was invested in business on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande productivity would rise and jobs would be available here. Except for the “adventurers”, Mexicans would not leave their villages to live as despised “aliens” north of the border.

And finally, it is NOT entirely up to our governments… we have to take personal responsibility too. Most people are just like me… we let others fight the dragons. Our lack of activism allows the dinosaurs to remain in office and thwarts change.

I do not advocate marches and mayhem… I’ve realized that the power of the pen is so much more effective. Make your voices heard. When you vote, demand change. President Obama was elected with a “Yes we can” rhetoric. Since his election, the voice from Capitol Hill has been a resounding, “Oh no-o-o-o-o-o you can’t!” He says over and over again he cannot affect change on his own… and he can’t. No one can. We need to help.

For a global overview… check out some of these links:

If you want to help real change, boot up your keyboards and tell your elected officials how you really feel or if you want to, forward this post to them.

The image at the top is Carlos’… the one on the bottom is mine.


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10 responses to “In my humble opinion…

  1. Larry`

    Well said and with conviction! Sadly, I am one of those who need to make my feelings known to the powers that be. Thanks for being a forceful spokesman for sane, responsible, actions..
    Bravo, Joanna!

    • Larry, you are a wonderful friend. And you are the sort of person who leads by example. You don’t need a loud voice… your actions express your feelings and convictions. Bravo to you!

  2. Kristan

    Good post. Mexico would never enter a “federal union” with the US. The US cannot function as it exists now and it would be disastrous to enter into a “federal union” with Mexico. NAFTA has had many negatives in my opinion for all parties. It’s unfortunate that most Americans cannot understand the economics of the drug war. It’s much more lucrative for the powers that be to have drugs illegal and it fuels the US police state. I like the link to the Drug War Cock. Unbelievable!

  3. Bill Milligan

    The absolute last thing we need to do is turn Mexico into an anally oriented, controlled and lawyer ridden society. One of the many pleasures of Mexico is its freedom to experience its system, whether good or bad, you fall in a hole then you should have been paying attention, whereas is the U.S. you would have a cadre of lawyers surrounding you with in minutes. Rules and regulations, leave them in the U.S., keep Mexico a diamond in the rough…
    We are so adept as wasting money in the U.S., legalize pot, have the government offer two chances at rehab for the addicts, if they fail, give them their drugs and let them be responsible for their demise. As the noted economist, Milton Freedman said, get the profit element out of drugs and the kid on the corner has nothing to sell. The U.S. has a lot to learn from its European and Latin American neighbors but our evolution is a bit slow…In the meantime I will continue to visit Mexico every chance I get, I loved it in the 70’s and I love it now.

  4. kwallek

    I do not favor invading Mexico but I do like the idea of offering Mexico a chance to join our federal union-of its own free will. Both countries would be the better for it, and trust me I would make the same offer to any nation in the Americas if it were my call. The EU has a plan for forming a union of its countries both large and small, the Americas would be wise to think along the same lines. I always ask people when this subject comes up, ” Would Mexico be better off today if the United States had taken over the whole nation after the Mexican War?”. What do you think?

    As to the drug war: it’s nuts.

    • Thank you for your comment. The EU is an economic union of nations, similar to what NAFTA could be. The EU faces huge challenges… No I don’t think Mexico would be better off as part of the USA. Mexico has its own rich tradition and history. It would be better off if given a fair shake.

  5. Actually all President Polk wanted was manifest destiny and that mostly meant California and Texas. Everybody wanted California including the Russians and the French, and the French thought that they could wind up with Texas too. That is why Napoleon III put Maximilian in place although I don’t think he mentioned it to Max. At the end of the Mexican American war the wealthy people of Mexico City were begging to be annexed but the U.S. congress only wanted the specific land that they were after. They did not want to bring the Mexican people into the United States as citizens. Sound familiar? The whole sordid affair is a crying shame.

    Joanna, please forgive me for my two cents worth 🙂

    • Why would you apologize? I welcome comments. And anyway, I completely agree with you. Yes poor Max was one of the biggest dupes during “the whole sordid affair.” It “is a crying shame” – the major drift of this post.

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