A writers’ blog?

When I began blogging in late March of this year, I wanted to create a blog for writers. I don’t know what I thought I’d post… I mean how much did I think I could say about my three works in progress?

Since then, one of the three has been concluded. Magic Made in Mexico will be released on December 4th. Another project is being completely re-written and the third is on the back burner. To my dismay, there’s not too much more to report.

With rather limited fodder to be found in my area of choice, I expanded my blog to include lots of other topics. I have diverse interests so why not write about them? Now I look at blogging as a writing exercise I do nearly every day… an excellent opportunity to practice, practice, practice. I spend about an hour a day writing my posts.

And the works in progress?  Lots of people ask me how I write a book?

To start with… I want, need and love to write. I’m blessed to have the drive.

I have hundreds of thousands of teachers. From other authors, I see how it is done. I learn so much this way. I am blessed to have access to so much I can read.

I work 2 – 3 hours a day… every day. Time just whizzes by. I enjoy almost everything about the writing process. I don’t mind writing the same sections over and over. I am thrilled when I am on a roll but I also accept that not every day will be productive. I’m blessed to have enough time.

Critique? I don’t always love that part… but I am grateful for it. Those who read my work as it progresses (or doesn’t…) are truthful but not unkind. They don’t accept sloppy style and don’t let me give up. I’m blessed to have my writers’ group.

I’ve had to work hard. My life has not exactly been one of leisure. I’ve “kept my nose to the grindstone” even when I haven’t wanted to. I have a hard-earned ability. I am blessed with consistency.

The most important thing I have going for me is Jorge. I am very blessed to have his support.

Being creative (to a large degree) is a personality trait. The writing style, the skill, the way with words AKA “talent” is developed by having the blessing of all of the above, and the pleasure will be greatly enhanced if you are blessed with a nurturing, supportive muse.



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2 responses to “A writers’ blog?

  1. Nancy

    Not blogging related…but I love your new hairstyle in the photo!

    • Ho. ho! Thanks for the comment but the picture shows me with my old hairstyle. I am currently growing my hair. Both my children will get married this year and so I need to have it long. After all, one does want to be able to acheive the appropriate “mother of the bride / groom” look.

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