In a huff…

My hard drive is full, I am so scared

I knew this was coming and yet I dared

To keep adding files, photos and stuff

And now my HP is in a huff.

I thought this lap top would not fill up

I thought it was an infinite cup.

But I was wrong and must pay the price

The tech guy says, “Files are saved twice!” 

Three times, four times, five and more

“What do you want all those copies for?”

Uh – that’s my back-up system I lie

He shakes his head, I hear a long sigh

Last time I was here I showed you how

To avoid the crisis you have now

Delete the old files… store the new

Not a hard concept, even for you  

He should see my closet and my purse

If he did,  then he’d really curse!

I want to say, “Just get to your work”

No need to make me feel like a jerk 

I have to admit I’m no shining star

I ignored that bright red warning bar.

“Please save all my book files first I wail,

I depend on you – please do not fail

Hours snake by and I am tired.

The techie is still most firmly mired

In my painstaking work from this year

But with joyousness, I finally hear –

 “Now your files are all transferred and stored

You’ve now got a working mother board.”

I smile as I pay him for HP’s cure.

He smiles ‘cause he knows he’ll be back for sure



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10 responses to “In a huff…

  1. Deanna Lagroix

    Oh Joanna, I feel your pain……… much to learn, so little time, so much to save, “just in case” !!

  2. If I could loan you some space on my computer, I would do so. I likely have plenty to spare.

  3. hehehe good stuff mom! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh Joanna – I am in the same boat as you. Although my computer keeps telling me my hard drive is in imminent failure. I’ve been backing up, moving todisk, and running diagnostics. Now I’m going to ty to find a replacement hard drive. Add to that the V key has decided it doesn’t want to work anymore! Thank goodness I’ve not been writing a book! Phew!
    I do have the itsy bitsy net book as a backup for now. but oh it’s not so easy , such a tiny screen.
    I can’t imagine a day without the computer too scary!

    • How we have come to depend on our computers! I am lost without mine, and I mean MINE… where all my stuff is to be found! But I need to sit down for about a month and go through all my files and clean a lot out – it is a MESS!

  5. Joanna,

    If you wrote this (and I believe you did) then I check to the power. To paraphrase Kipling “You’re a better man/woman than I am Gungadin(a)!”.

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