There’s always mañana


“If you’ve got lemons… make lemonade!”

What a busy weekend! We have houseguests… enjoyed the bloggers’ conference on Friday evening and all day Saturday… had a luncheon Sunday… book is due to come out… caught up with some correspondence (two weeks old!) … wrote a grant application support letters. Did grocery shopping… and… and… and… “It never rains but it pours!

Which leads me to the BIG question on today’s post.

Why is it that life seems to coast along; nothing too pressing in the works, then all of a sudden – BAM! We feel swamped. Three or four social activities – one right after the other.  A deadline we figured was weeks away gets bumped up. Home appliances break down. Added expenses pile up … AND… you come down with a wretched cold. All this within the space of a few days.

Busy people look busy all the time. But I think that’s not true, Even if you have quite a bit on the go it’s important to attempt not to stress it. Do what you can and let it go at that.

For me, one very effective solution is list making. I take everything off my lap (where it has landed and is poised to stay) I commit the whole works to paper, and then re-order it in some sort of convoluted priority. I take a deep breath and scratch off, delegate or put off whatever I can. It’s amazing how quickly that list shrinks in half!

I try to work out the easiest tasks first and if my toolbox doesn’t have all the items I need, I use what’s available to me. “If you’ve got lemons make lemonade…”

Bottom line? So much of what we feel we have to do is not really our responsibility. We just get swept into thinking it is. The remaining 50% really does need to be addressed. But that’s the beauty of living in Mexico…

There’s always mañana…

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4 responses to “There’s always mañana

  1. I am a colossal list-maker. It keeps one´s life in order.

  2. And therein lies the conundrum. When we wish for life to stop throwing us surprises, there is a flood. When we hope for some relief there is too much and life gets boring and…no matter what happens, the sun will come up tomorrow right on time…just like nothing ever happened.

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