I think this is pretty awesome!

Leaving Merida today, we saw a load of piñatas…

If  I had a hundred dollars for every day that I’ve worried about how boring life is, I would be an extremely poor woman.

But if I had a penny for every magical event I’ve witnessed in this country, I would have abundance.                                                           

Amazing people continually show me “the real Mexico.”

Take today for example… For the past two and a half years, I have been part of a group of women, living Merida, who have developed a special relationship with a group of women from the village of Santa Elena. Beth, Theresa, Nancy and I have learned so much from Rosa, Elizabeth, Rosi and the rest of the women and we’ve been welcomed into their world – one that is very different to ours.

We’ve witnessed the growing pains of their artisan business, doing what we could to assist them. It has been slow going but the progress has been constant. Our families and many friends have also strongly supported their efforts.

Today, I traveled to Santa Elena with a new friend, Kate and very long-time friends Eduardo and Carla. They were impressed not only with the originality and quality of the crafts but also with the loving energy they could feel coming from all the women.

After our business seemed completed, Rosa (the group’s leader) told me she knew of other women who want to join the Santa Elena Sustainable Development project. Ideas for new products flew around the room! Finally Rosa said, “I think we will soon have many groups of women working in their own homes, producing crafts for sale.  At first I didn’t believe this would all come true but it has… we have our own business and it’s growing!”

Two years ago, Rosa saw herself as a completely disenfranchised woman with absolutely no say in her future. Now she describes herself as an entrepreneur and mentor for other women… I think this is pretty awesome!  

The ladies from Santa Elena will have crafts for sale at the upcoming

ANNY artsans sale, to be held in the Chamber of Commerce building

Saturday November 27th and Sunday November 28th.

Don’t miss the chance to come and meet Rosa…


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5 responses to “I think this is pretty awesome!

  1. Margery Palomino

    Though I don’t check your blog often enough Joanna I have done so today to find out more about your new book “Magic Made In Mexico”. In so doing it was lovely to read further and hear about the continued and ever expanding success of The Santa Elena Project. I had the great pleasure of meeting Sra Rosa and members of her family when you took me and Edith there a year ago.
    That visit to Santa Elena was a highlight of my ten days in the Yucatan plus enjoying a lovely lunch, swim at Valerie’s resto The Pickled Onion. Val also gave me my first ‘reading’ ever!! A positive experience to be sure!
    Go! Ladies! Go! including you Val!

  2. OH Joanna how wonderful and yes I have to agree with Alison its heartwarming to see the fruits, of yours and the ladies from Merida , of your labour.This is great encouragement for all.

  3. Allison Morrill

    Oh, Joanna, it is so heartwarming to watch this progression!

    • Thanks Allison, I can’t wait for you to meet the ladies!

      Valerie, thanks but the Santa Elena ladies are the ones who must take the credit. They have been willing to try something different and they’ve been successful.

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