Right or Kind?

I’m feeling philosophical…                                                                                                                                                                                          

Yesterday I watched a program that made me think – hard.

One of the guests was Dr. Jeff Rediger.  As a scientist, he felt skepticism when he heard reports of “spiritual healing” by a man who is called, “John of God.” But after his experience at La Casa, the center where this phenomenon takes place, he says,

“…we need to allow the capacities of mind and heart to stand on their own terms, and not be reduced solely to the language of biology and physics.”

Other featured testimonials universally stated that “love is all there is”. And not loving is the root of all our ills, both physical and emotional.

Is it possible that we have complicated our lives to the point where this simple truth is obscured because we’re too concerned about getting our way?

Could our physical ills actually be a manifestation of what is hurting us emotionally?

When a group of people, an organization, a country or a world is split in two over an issue, both sides no doubt feel they are doing what is “best.”  But in their perusal of what’s “best”, they often end up hurting one another and sometimes destroying what they strive to protect.

Life does not have to be difficult; we just make it that way when we put our agendas before others’ feelings and our own hearts.

When conflict occurs, isn’t the most prudent move, to sit back and let tempers cool? Isn’t it better to be kind than right?




Image found on Google and credited to: oprah.com



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4 responses to “Right or Kind?

  1. I’ve been moving in this direction for some time. This approach applies quite obviously in terms of the organism of society. If more and more people applied these principles, we could solve most of the world’s problems. They also work, too, I think with human beings, although obviously if you are bitten by a dengue- or malaria- infected mosquito you are probably going to be ill. However attitude has a lot to do with the quality of healing and recovery. These ideas are powerful medicine.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Marc… I totally agree with you. If we could all just think about this on a personal level… try it and see the difference it makes in our lives – how different our planet would be. Isn’t this what John Lennon meant when he wrote “Imagine”?

  2. kwallek

    I think it is a little of both, my Dad’s heart would still be clogged up this week if he had not had the by-pass work last week but his mind is what is keeping him going this week during his recovery-a little of both.

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