A new favorite…

Before I became a writer, I spent half a century reading. Now that I write, I’ve turned into an even more voracious reader. But I read differently than I used to. It once seemed to be all about enjoying the story… now I’m also very analytical. I still love to settle down with a good tale, but all the while I’m trying to figure out, How did the author do that? /  Oo-oo-oo! What an opening! / That’s the best use of metaphor that I’ve ever seen!

I’m a blogger, I read other blogs. One I go to every day belongs to Nathan Bransford.  My favorite of his postings has always been “Digging for Mushrooms” (Dec. 1, 2009)

Today, I must replace my old time number one friend with Nathan’s post for today, “The Nine Circles of Writing Hell”

I’ve logged a chunk of hours on the computer this year and my book is to be released on December 4th I couldn’t be happier. On Nathan’s 2009 post, you’ll see what I’m referring to when I say, “Someone recognized my MATSUTAKE !! ” (Bless you David Bodwell and Richard Grabman…)

Then read the “Nine Circles of Writing Hell” to see what I endured this year!                                                                                                    

Actually Nathan Bradsford read the first thirty pages of a novel I am still working on. He made me see that I need more practice writing fiction and he sent me scurrying into my favorite non-fiction genres… essay, chronicle,  and memoir. “Magic Made in Mexico” is the result of my return to the womb. So a big “Bless you!” goes out to Mr. Bradsford as well.

Maybe next year, I’ll be publishing that long-agonized-over novel?

MATSUTAKE! Stranger things have happened…


Link to Nathan Bransford’s blog and the post “The Nine Circles of Writing Hell”


And to “Digging for Mushrooms”



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