Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

An earlier Thanksgiving feast in Merida


Today is Thursday the 25th of November.

We gather together and can’t help but remember,

Far away loved ones and those loud football games

Played  between colleges with most famous names.

Mom and sibs aren’t here, neither is Dad.

We’re not in the north… no snow will be had.

In fact we’re sweating – copiously

Pool-side with our chosen “fam-mi-ly.”

There’ll be turkey, stuffing, hot gravy and cranberries

A golden glazed ham, from J’s oven, not Mary’s

Bean casserole, carrots, and yams, I’m told –

And yes… mashed potatoes!  That does it, I’m sold!  

 But, before the delicious eating fest will begin,

We’ll have time for botana – we’ll dig right in.

And to toast the occasion – what could be better?

Than sipping margaritas, as I read this letter… 

A letter? You’re puzzled, and most rightly so,

This isn’t part of the program – it’s a BIG no-no.

But what to do? My muse has jumped up

 With this Thanksgiving message… to be read, pre-sup.

 Thanks  G and J, kind and wonderful hosts

So brave, seeing you’re just back from the west coast

With P who I’m always delighted to see

I’m told his pumpkin flan will be offered to me!

 Guitar playing J, and B his remarkable wife

Are dealing with a reno’ but that’s part of life.

She is also Santa Elena’s fervent guardian angel…

In her car trunk, she’s got a hundred bags to sell !

 I’ve never seen T or D and not felt happy

But don’t you two worry, I won’t get all sappy!

G and C always look handsome and fine

And their creative spirits are just short of divine

Today is special ‘cause I is here too

Come sit and talk, I’ve heard great things about you!

Last but not least are D and L

They always have new projects – come, do tell!

What a fabulous group! Jorge and I are so proud

To share this day with such a fabulous crowd

We’re feeling so mellow, as to the table we toddle

This friendship should be the new NAFTA model !!!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  1. That’s great! Happy Thanksigiving.

  2. Larry

    Yes, what a wonderful “poetic letter”!!!! We will be thinking of you and all the other people giving thanks for all the wonderful friends in our lives and all the good things that we enjoy… many things that we so easily take for granted!

    Larry and Reg HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!

  3. Barb

    What a delightful departure from your usual style!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating.

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