Parking lot panic

Big controversy in Merida this week! The shopping malls want to charge for parking… and they plan to commence doing so during the Christmas buying frenzy! General consensus? This is absolutely Scrooge-like, Grinch like even…

The citizens of Merida have mobilized fast! If they are going to spend their hard earned pesos in the stores of the mall, they are highly incensed at the very idea of being obliged to spend another 10 for parking.

There are petitions on Facebook and Twitter that have gone viral. Everyone is badmouthing the shopping centers to the point that they have been forced to back down. .. except for Plaza Las Americas.

The controversy is centered here at Plaza de las Americas

The newspaper says that they have a signed “authorization” from the previous municipal administration. Now everyone wants to know whose signature is on the document. And we of course wonder what the price tag was for the scrawled name!

Civic action at its best, I must say! Now wouldn’t it be something if the organizers of this protest could get fired up about even bigger issues? How about we campaign to have motorcycles and buses obey the rules of the road? Or maybe we could get the potholes fixed? Get all the overgrown empty lots cleaned up? Not to mention more meaty topics like holding our elected officials accountable… and demanding that they do the time fot commiting the crime…

What do you think of the novel example of civic action in Merida?



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7 responses to “Parking lot panic

  1. mcm

    Well, Plaza de las Americas has backed down too. Remember that about three or four years ago, they also tried charging (and hence had their kiosks still in existence) — that didn’t last either.
    It’s interesting that every unpopular occurrence that involves the municipal government is the fault of the “last administration”….
    But, apparently the municipal regulation regarding charging in private lots specifies that the lot must be completely walled or fenced, and have insurance against theft/damage (hence private lots such as Clinica de Merida, and Star Medica apparently are within the law when they charge for parking).
    You are, of course, completely right about the selectivity of “civic rage”….

  2. As a newcomer I’m puzzled by how this would fit in with the informal economy where people collect small payments for “watching” and “helping” people who park in store parking lots. Perhaps they don’t ever work at the big malls so they would not be affected?

    • Debbie, in the biggest malls, come to think of it, I don’t think there are the car parkers… but where there are, they will probably
      work it out.

      mcm… It gets complicated, doesn’t it?

  3. They tried it a bit over a year ago at the Chedraui on Itzaes. They installed the little kiosks, with drop bar/barriers, money/ticket machines etc!
    I stopped driving there for a while, which I imagine a bunch of others did for a while too, because within just a few months those newly constructed kiosks started coming down.

    Just seems against all good business practices; afterall you WANT people to come in Right?

    I am with Elizabeth on you may be setting yourself up for some controversy; better to keep that crazy talk just between friends – I mean to expect criminal activity to be punishable, come on now!
    La Gobernadora has demonstrated over and over again that she has absolutely no regard for the law, or for the people or economy of this city.

    Oh man, now you’ve got me started!


  4. Charging to enter this type of parking lot has always annoyed me. What they are doing is charging you to park so you can enter the stores to spend money. Basically, it´s a barrier to sales. They do it in the U.S. too.

  5. You are opening a can of worms here! Good luck!!!!! Elizabeth

    • Felipe, yes I have seen the paid parking lot operation in Canada too. It seems to me like uncontrolled greed.

      Elizabeth, some cans of worms have been unopened for far too long… thanks for your good wishes!

      Debi, she is not alone… it seems to be a time honored tradition…

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