The BIG night is (almost) here…

Today is Friday and the BIG night is almost here!

Back in July, I wrote,  

“Lately the posts on this blog have been about almost everything except my…  a-hem … writing.  Actually an email came in asking if I still planned to publish another book. If so, in what decade might that happen?

The fact is… I have been writing – a lot and have two books that are ready to go.  But those publishers are darn hard to pin down. Yes, sir-ee Bob!

When I first began writing, I naively thought the idea was to tell a fascinating tale. That done, I would send a legible copy to the publisher of my choice. He would in turn read it and be suitably impressed… Et Voila! The book would be edited, designed, formatted, printed, distributed and a book launch date would be set. I figured my role at that event would be to sit over to the side and write endearing dedications to my friends on the inside front covers. My final responsibility would be to laugh all the way to the bank!

Now let’s enter the real world… When I finished my first book, I couldn’t get an agent or a publisher to even look at it (or me for that matter). I wasn’t well-known; I had no platform, no track record. I was either too old to look like a sexy author or too young to look like a erudite one. In short, I did not have appeal and neither did my poor creation.

The new book is called ‘Magic Made in Mexico.’  It is all done but the publishers of the world are not pushing and shoving one another out of the way, desperately trying to get their dukes on my literary pearl.”

I had quite resigned myself to living with the fact that I would never be published. Then later that day, I opened my e-mail and read a message from Richard Grabman, Acquisitions Director for Editorial Mazatlan. He wanted to look at my manuscript! I went to the fridge for a glass of tinto… then (with trembling hands) I emailed my entire piece to Richard – 380 pages

Nearly five months later, my book has been published by his company  and Richard will be in Merida for the launch tomorrow. I am looking forward to introducing him to my friends and family.

Since learning that ‘a real publisher’ was interested in my work, I have thought of little else. The revisions and editing with David Bodwell (Richard’s partner) have been painstaking. Every detail was debated – endlessly!

Has it been worth it; would I do this again?

Absolutely! And I am so grateful to everyone involved with my project.

I hope to see you all on Saturday… As one of my very top favorite recording artists (Elton John) would say,

…Saturday night’s the night I like
Saturday night’s alright, alright, alright…



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6 responses to “The BIG night is (almost) here…

  1. A small (semi) editorial clarification. I”m an empleado, not a socio. “Partner” could have another meaning… , not that there’s anything wrong with that :-).

    Congratulations… we couldn’t have done it without you!!

  2. Valerie Pickles

    Joanne sorry I couldnt make your big day I hope all went well . Know that I was thinking of you

  3. As you have discovered, the world of book publishing has changed drastically in the last few decades. These days the heavy hitters in publishing concentrate to a great degree on proven themes and proven authors, especially the latter. If you don´t have a track record, getting published by the big houses these days is pretty much impossible. Even getting them to look at your work is not gonna happen in most instances. One is lucky to get a rejection letter.

    That leaves two options: Self-publishing and publishers that target specific themes. Editorial Mazatlán is one of the latter. Mexico in English! Fact is you´re doing real good.

  4. I look forward to attending any events you may have here for the launch of the book. Please let us know! Congratulations.

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