Fa,la,la,la,la – la,la – la,la!

On the Internet today, I notice that most of my fellow bloggers are getting jobs done. There are home renovations being finished up; new modems getting connected; gardens in productive but not yet harvest mode… I myself have stoically faced a week-long  Cablemas  challenge.

Yet despite the flurry of activity, there is a pervasive pensive… almost philosophical take on all the comings and goings. As though we’re saying, ‘Yes this is important and I’ll be glad to have the new (whatever) in place but it isn’t worth a lot of upset and stress.’  Where is our usual vim and vigor? Why aren’t we clamoring to finish – TODAY?

I think we are unconsciously saving our energy because the Holiday Season is nigh. Here it’s called ‘Guadalupe-Reyes’ because it stretches from December 12th, el Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe through until January 6th, el Día de Los Tres Reyes ) Nearly a month of parties, celebrations, eating and drinking are in store. If we use up those extra energy reserves in a heated battle with a ‘process’, we know we’ll be weak going into the foray of fiestas. Is being forewarned as good as being forearmed?

Remember when you were a kid and everything that happened in December seemed marvelous? With no little guys at home, Jorge and I miss the wonder of seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes.  All those excited questions like “How many more sleeps until Santa comes?” We don’t light the Advent wreath at dinner every night and we don’t have one of those cardboard Christmas calendars with 24 different little doors to be opened (one each day until Christmas Eve)

How to re-capture the joy? It isn’t really that hard.  You could approach someone else’s children… you could buy a present for the neighbors’ little ones… bake something yummy for the lady at the market… put on the Nat King Cole CD and get those Christmas decorations up!  Do whatever you would do if you had children urging you to do so…

‘Tis the season to be jolly… fa,la,la,la,la –  la,la –  la la!



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2 responses to “Fa,la,la,la,la – la,la – la,la!

  1. Jody

    Great Cuban singer, Issac (sic) Delgado, and Freddy Cole, Nat’s younger brother, teamed up this last year to do a beautiful tribute cd, called L-O-V-E. Freddy chose Issac to do this recording with him and I agree; it was a great choice.

    Issac grew up in Cuba listening to Nat King Cole on old records his mom used to play. Along with so many other Latinoamericanos, Issac has always admired Nat. He jumped at the chance to do a project like this knowing that his regular fans might not be as excited as he was about it. This September, the cd was nominated for a Latin Grammy. I guess the public liked it.

    Here is a youtube link for Quizás, quizás, quizás–if you have a mind to take a nostalgic visit to a
    sweet time.

    I share your sentiments about Christmases past in this post.

    • Thank you so much for this… Inserting the video in your comment – I didn’t realize that could be done. I had to go to YouTube to hear the clip though. Thanks too for your comments… very cool.

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