To write or not to write… voila la question!

On the writers’ blogs and sites, we see plenty of advice…

Some advocate writing a plot-driven novel, others go for characterdriven…

The merits of writing in first or third person (a few brave souls go for second) past or present tense… are endlessly debated

Adverbs and adjectives… how many are really, truly, absolutely, totally and entirely too many?

Punctuation (so WHAT if I love the elipses…)

The use of “colorful” language always brings the freedom of speech fans into the fray.

To be PC is always desirable but oh… so tedious!

How can we banish writer’s block?

And ditto with the dreaded passive voice…

What is your POV?

Where should the conflict begin? How much should there be?

What’s the current hot genre? And what to do if you don’t want to write YA pieces about vampires?

Can you benefit from listening to music while writing?

Ah… how we writers love to debate these points (because after all, it gives us an honorable reprieve from the actual act of writing)

But rarely is the most difficult “issue” ever addressed… How do you hang on to your relationships and still keep writing as much as you need to? Like… what’s the  appropriate answer when you’re midway though a brilliant turn of phrase and one of the residents of your house (oops…I mean loved ones), plunks down and asks, “Whatcha doin?” or “How much longer will you be?”… “Are we there yet?”

I think it’s paramount to always remember we are writers… yes indeed, but we’re also moms, dads, spouses, friends, colleagues etc. We can’t create an imaginary world at the expense of our real one. Any comments?



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6 responses to “To write or not to write… voila la question!

  1. Oh I don’t know. An imaginary world is often more fun and fulfilling than a real one! I’ve long held to a couple of ideas regards blog writing. Firstly, write for yourself. Secondly, creat a concept for your blog and stick to it. I do stray from both rules now and again, but keep to them often enough to keep the concept alive. Just.

    If I have a regret….I’ve just compiled a book using selected posts from seven years worth of blog entries. Now, if I’d known I was going to do that from the start, I’d have written a few more posts that were a bit more ‘bookish’ and a bit less ‘bloggish’. But it’s a minor regret really. It all worked out in the end.

  2. My first reaction/ suggestion: read the book INTROVERT POWER by Laurie Helgoe, PhD.


    Why read about Introverts? Because many writers ARE introverts. So are many artists. One of the Amazon reviews lists the book’s table of contents, in which the chapters about “A Room of Your Own”, a “Time to Think” and the “Right to Retreat” are right on target.

    An excellent introduction to Dr. Helgoe is her article here:

    I myself became interested in the subject of Introversion/Extraversion after moving to Mérida.
    I kept wondering–why does the ex-pat community seem so FULL of EXtraverts! I’ve learned a lot, thanks to Helgoe’s writings.

  3. The telephone and the doorbell are my greatest enemies 🙂

  4. Nah, I just tune them all out. A pair of headphones and my itouch help with said tuning out. Besides, by now they expect me to zone out when I am reading or writing on it. And I do write on it – I was losing my notebooks so now I use its notepad app to write when I can’t be at my computer.

  5. I do it when they are asleep or otherwise busy. Or sitting on the sofa with them when we are watching tv.

    • Oh Sonia, you must have really great concentration!

      As I said, I can’t do that… do you read Nathan Bradsford’s blog? I think it is the best writing blog out there.

      Bob, the telephone and the doorbell… yes. I disconnect the phone and mostly, I don’t answer the bell.

      Alinde, thanks for your suggestions and website links.

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