Marathons, Bolognese, Baking and Ballet

I like to begin my day with 2 – 3 hours of writing. I wake up early anyway, and find the early dawn is my most productive time.  But today, my son Carlos had plans to run a marathon and dropped in on his way to the park. He ate a banana, I gave him a big hug and he was off to the races… finishing well by the way!

A creative frame of mind didn’t seem to be forthcoming, so I padded into the kitchen. Over the Christmas holidays, we often have drop-in company and so it’s a good idea to have easy-to-thaw meals ready and waiting. In our household that means Bolognese sauce. Jorge had already done a lot of the chop-chop and by 9 am, I’d filled six freezer storage bags with the rich, red spaghetti-topper. I’ve got garlic bread packed away and we always have lots of greens on hand…

After coffee in our garden Jorge and I carried out our weekly plant patrol. Many of the orchids have new bars with buds; the yellow, red and salmon-colored hibiscus are all flowering and the plant in the corner is a blaze of blooms the color of the bus in the movie, “Pricilla – Queen of the Desert.”   

Just as we finished a huge round of dishes, our daughter Maggie and her fiancé Ricardo arrived with everything we needed for “Day One of the Big Holiday Bake-off.” Sweets are another thing we like to have on hand during this season. Mags and I make a good team… the pastry for the Christmas pies, lemon cupcakes, butter tarts and shortbread all came out well. Lots more dishes to wash…

A swim (yes, the water was cold at first but lovely once we got used to it)… some lunch (spaghetti of course!)… more dishes… followed by a languid siesta … I tell you, life is NOT bad!

The grand finale came in the evening. “The Nutcracker”, performed at the Teatro Armando Manzanero  by the Socorro Cerón Dance School provided the perfect end to our perfectly eclectic Sunday.

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4 responses to “Marathons, Bolognese, Baking and Ballet

  1. Okay, so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Where is your recipe for Bolognese sauce?

  2. Loretta

    It’s great to read about a day in the life of my dearest friend, about Carols, Maggie and Jorge just doing their thing. My very best wishes to you all for the holidays. I’d call on christmas but I’ll be in Westchester with my sister, brother and his family. We plan on going to rockefeller centr to see the tree and skaters. eileen’s beau George may join us. I’m quite excited and looking for long-underwear!

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