Ask and you will receive!

In yesterday’s entry, I mentioned that I prepared a big batch of Bolognese sauce. One of my frequent readers says he’s waiting for the recipe. So, ask and you will receive!

I truly enjoy cooking and in fact, this sauce is one I am often asked to make. The recipe is for 1 kilo of meat. It will serve between 10 and 15 people depending on how big the portions are.  If you need more, double, triple, or whatever!  I hope you’ll enjoy it with people you love…



 Joanna’s Spaghetti Sauce

  • This isn’t actually the original Bolognese recipe but it works for us!
  • Before starting to cook… put on some nice Italian music (or ask the local musicians to play a tune…)


½ kilo ground pork

½ kilo ground beef

2 Italian sausages (cut in pieces)                                                                                    

100 g. bacon (diced)

 Misc. Ingredients:     

¼ cup olive oil

Salt and pepper

¾ cup red wine

1 4-cup can of tomato sauce

1 small can of tomato paste                                                                                                                                                                 



5 cloves of garlic 


I large white onion                                                                                                                                                                                              

1 large green pepper

10 Roma tomatoes


20 mushrooms

 Measure out:

1 T. chicken consommé powder (Maggi)

1 tsp dried fennel seed

½ tsp. pepper

1 T dried basil

1 T dried oregano

1 T dried rosemary

2 T. sugar 


Sauté the garlic in the olive oil. When it’s golden-colored (be careful not to let it burn), remove the cloves from the oil and set to one side.

Add the meats and brown for ten minutes, breaking up any really large chunks.

Add the chopped vegetables, one by one (continue cooking for 5 min.)

Add the spices

Add the tomato puree and sauce

Add the wine.

 Simmer for 1 – 2 hours.

  • I always make the sauce at least a day before we plan on eating it. This gives the flavors a chance to mature.
  • Serve the sauce over spaghetti and accompany with a green salad, garlic bread and a full-bodied red wine
  • Have some tropical fruit ice cream (mango, lemon, coconut or …) for dessert.

 Bonus Question: Do you know who the two sculptures depict?

 Photo credit: (Spaghetti plate) The rest are from our Italy trip a few years ago 



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13 responses to “Ask and you will receive!

  1. Now I am really embarrassed that I didn’t get that one right. I was born and raised in a town dedicated to her, Santa Barbara, Ca.

  2. I was reading the Diario today and there inside was a picture of your lovely family. You all looked wonderful. It was a small article about your Christmas traditions along with several others who live here and are from every continent. Congratulations!

    I will guess St Theresa of Avila for the statue but only because she is mentioned as having an altar in the church of Our Lady of Victory in Prague. I rather liked Bob’s guess though, it was a good one.

  3. Joanna,
    Then it can be none other than Princess Katharina Polyxena von Lobkowitz. Right? Please say yes 🙂

  4. So that’s why your spaghetti is so good! Look at ALL the ingredients! I remember when you took it to the beach when our hubbies joined Marie, Joanne, Anabelle, Patty, you and me after our famed “Ladies Long Weekend at Las Tunas.” I brought some home and Pierre LOVED it, too.
    Merry Christmas Joanna!

  5. Valerie Pickles

    Joanna you forgot to pour a nice glass of wine after putting on the music LOL All the top chefs seem to have a glass of wine in hand whilst cooking.If I did that there would be no food and I,d be sleelping soundly LOL
    The recipe does sound yummie though

  6. Wow! Thanks for the recipe. Now I know what I am going to cook for Christmas. It will be a respite from the Twinkie diet I am on. Regarding the statues. My guess is the first is Thallo, one of the Greek Horae goddesses who is often associated with the Roman Aphrodite and the second one is the Greek god Dionysus who the Romans associate with Bacchus, the god of wine. Now, What is my prize? 🙂

    • You got number one right but Nancy beat you to it. However the second is not correct. I’ll give you a hint. The statue is located in Prague in a small museum attached to the Infant of Prague church

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