Christmas in Merida

The past three days have been a whirlwind of great parties with family and friends…  of course we’ve engaged in MUCH eating and drinking, singing and dancing and lots of good talks and reminiscing.  From among the gifts under the tree, I unwrapped a new charger for my camera battery so we’re back in business with the photography. My settings are off though and so the shots I’ll post today are kind of out-of-focus. Nonetheless, you’ll get the idea of how we celebrated Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Merida.   

I spent the 24th of December in the kitchen with Jorge, Maggie and Estela… we chopped, sliced, diced, stuffed, grilled, and baked the food that would be the following day’s feast… A good clean-up followed and then Jorge and I began our three day round of socializing… Leslie and Richard’s party was our first stop and we got to “enjoy a cup of cheer” with lots of our good friends. Then it was on to my brother and sister-in-law’s home for the traditional family get together









  Jorge and I with his mom on Christmas Eve. Doña Bertha is now 93…

Hobbes the Christmas kitty kept hoping he’d get another chance to score some of the bird! Not likely!

Christmas morning, we were pretty excited as we opened our gifts








We had another party invitation during the day but we had to finish getting ready for the 30 guests we had at home later in the evening. Everyone had their fill of “turkey and all the trimmings”     






  This morning the piper had to be paid… That’s Jorge dealing with the dishes

(I was in the living room straightening up…)


 But we didn’t have to spend too long before we were out the door again!

 To Progreso, we sped to spend Boxing Day with our Canadian buddies, Reg   &  Larry, Joanne & Chuck and Cindy & Dan. Another fun afternoon… Not  a bad life , eh?                            






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4 responses to “Christmas in Merida

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  2. Hi Joanna, I just found your posting about Merida. I visited there to see some properties that I will be representing in Chicago and kind of fell in love with the area. Please sign me up for your emails and I am looking forward to hearing more about the expat community in Merida.
    Thank you, Vanessa Falcon

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for subscibing to my blog… you’ll get an email message every time there’s a new post. I know what you mean when you say you “fell in love with the area”… this is an incredible corner of the world.

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