Hunting and Gathering

Monday, I spent the day with Ada. She is my daughter’s future mother-in-law and the two of us will be seeing lots of one another throughout the coming months… we’ve got a wedding to get ready for!

Our “to-do” list involved several errands concerning the nuptial Mass at the hacienda where the reception will be held…. And then we headed off in search of bridesmaid dress material. No… we have not been given the assignment of choosing the actual fabric! Our job is that of hunter-gatherers (we hunt out and gather together all the samples needed by the bride)  Actually we did very well – in a space of just two hours, we hunted through five stores and gathered together numerous swatches in the requisite midnight / safire blue.

Very pleased at having successfully completed our first mission, we decided lunch was in order. I had been to a new restaurant the week before and I figured Ada would also enjoy it.

Pimienta”, located on Calle 60 Norte (close to the stadium) opened its doors four months ago and from day one, it has been successful with Merida’s food enthusiasts. Without being stuffy, the décor is understated and attractive. I don’t usually write about restaurants I visit but this one deserves a special citation.

“Shall we have a glass of wine?” I inquired of Ada. She nodded her head. The wait staff at Pimienta is well informed about their wines and the menu. Our server suggested a Trivento Pinot Noir to accompany the lasagna we planned to eat. I actually ended up having a different dish and a Chardonnay would have been a more appropriate choice, but I enjoy Pinot Noir so no issues.

The Mediterranean inspired dishes are all beautifully prepared and presented. Quite a few of the other tables were occupied by friends and acquaintances and I noticed most of them also ordered pasta. In fact I changed my lasagna order when I saw a plate of Alfredo pasta with shrimp being served to another customer. Not the best thing for a future mother-of-the-bride who needs to whittle inches off the waistline… but January cometh!

We chatted about the wedding and agreed that there will be many more hunter-gatherer forays… Fine by us! We’ll have more chances to come back to Pimienta.

As most of you know, pimienta is the Spanish word for pepper.

On I read the following quotation:

“Epithets, like pepper, give zest to what you write

And if you strew them sparsely, they whet the appetite.”

 “Pimienta” has certainly whetted our appetite and enhanced the excitement of preparing for the BIG event.



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2 responses to “Hunting and Gathering

  1. I love Pimienta, it’s a really wonderful restaurant. It was nice to see the two of you there. I’m always happy to see people enjoying it as I really, really want them to stay in business.

    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and I hope you have as much fun with all of the planning as you seemed to be having at lunch. It’s always nice when you like your co-mother-in-law. –There must be a better word for that relationship in Spanish?

    • Hi Jonna, Yes so much fun to see you and Mimi with your friends. I agree, Pimienta is a terrific restaurant. The Spanish word for “co-mother-in-law” is consuegra… And yes, she is a lovely person. I am so glad my daughter will have such a wonderful “other mother.”

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