Feet on the Ground…

The best writers’ blog I read is http://blog.nathanbransford.com  There are many other excellent ones out there but Nathan always combines, good humor, common sense and up-to- the minute facts. He writes about trends in traditional publishing, his opinions about e-publishing and the politics, politics, politics of the industry. He’s also very tactful with the many readers who go on and on about their artistic integrity and other lofty concepts. The man has a heart and as importantly, he has consistency.

Yesterday’s post http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/12/this-year-in-books.html   gave a recap of the current situation in the book world and he stated that polarization is making it a very uncomfortable milieu for many. He calls this “The Big Squeeze”. Truth is… polarization is everywhere and in every sector. Some in the USA and other “developed” nations are feeling the effects for the first time but in the “developing” world, we are old hats; and you know what, once the slope has gotten slippery, I’ve never seen it turned back into a level playing field.

My comment on the post made the point that individuals can get their footing IF they are exceptional. Not exceptional by their own standards but by the gold standard. Yes, self esteem is a good thing and dreams keep us going but under this “new order” it takes extremely hard, consistent effort for “we the masses” to break into the inner sanctum.


Henry Sanchez Pardo running with supporters in Panama


I have spent half of today re-writing the first page of my novel for probably the one hundredth time. I look at it  like this … The only way to be successful as a writer is to boot up, keep your bootie in the chair and write on! When you think your done, edit, edit, edit… rewrite, rewrite, rewrite… promote, promote, promote…

Last week at the Centro Cultural de la 68, Jorge and I heard a presentation by Henry Sanchez Pardo. He has spent the past 2 ½  years running BAREFOOT from southern Argentina. He hopes to make it to Alaska. Why is he doing this? He is raising awareness about global warming and he is planting trees wherever he goes.  So far, he has run 18,000 kilometers and is responsible for the planting of 5 million trees. Now talk about consistency!

The road is long, so perhaps it is wise to maintain your feet (bare or in shoes)  on the ground!


Last week Henry Sanchez Pardo spoke at La Casa Cultural de la 68 

Note: To see a YouTube video of Henry Sanchez Pardo, the link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pxx8FZWsu8


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