Who is your mentor?

Who is your mentor? A mentor is not necessarily someone who is older and wiser. A mentor is someone who inspires you to do your best and shows you how.. There can be some back-and-forth between us and our mentors… this is often the best state of affairs. The other day, I wrote about Nathan Bransford. He’s  a mentor but I feel he could also gain perspective from me. It’s not that I am smarter but I have been around the block a few more times… Nathan posted his 8 New Years resolutions on his blog today, On my blog, I will follow each of them with my take…

-Nathan No. 1: No more random gray hairs. Seriously scalp, you have your instructions, get it in gear.

* Joanna’s come back No. 1: My husband says, “I don’t worry if the hair turns grey as long as it doesn’t turn loose!”

– Nathan No. 2: Happier dog

* Joanna’s come back No. 2: You could get a cat; they are much less work and easier to please…

-Nathan No. 3: Moving it up to level 4 on the exercise bike. Watch out, people.

* Joanna’s come back No. 3: You go Guy!  There will come a day when you have to scale back. Make hay while the sun shines!

-Nathan No. 4: Continue to resist computer games. No time. No…. ok just one more round of Civilization.

Nathan, there is NOTHING wrong with grey hair

* Joanna’s come back No. 4: I haven’t played a computer game since “Pong”… better things to do with my time.

-Nathan No. 5: Be a better writer and exorcise my writerly  tics like the demons they are.

* Joanna’s come back No. 5: Ah… I have issues with finding time. That’s my tic.

-Nathan No. 6: Finally use one of those tire pressure thingies

* Joanna’s come back No. 5: I don’t even know what a tire pressure thingy is.

-Nathan No. 7: Find three good new bands. No more post-early-20’s-musical-discovering-laziness.

* Joanna’s come back No. 7: I would suggest you listen to more Latin Music. Try Fernando Delgadillo, Miguel Bose, Alex Lora – 3 very different artists all EXCELLENT

-Nathan No. 8 A more perfect harmony between work, writing, relationships, and fun. My fellow writers, is that not the dream?

* Joanna’s come back No. 8: Amen… what more can I say?

Aside from Nathan’s resolutions, I have one more thing to say to the younger generation of writers. Until you’re published, keep the day job, a well paying one if at all possible. Then organize your time so you can write at night or in the wee, small  hours of the morning. Make your loved ones understand that these hours are also “work time”, Get a lock on your door and use it. Once you have your book done, don’t be shy – promote it. If you don’t, no one else will. Keep at it… if you do, and if you do well enough, and you do so long enough, you WILL make it. But don’t be afraid to try unconventional means tio reach your goal. Break free of all the sterotypes…Turn off the TV (and video games)… Be yourself!      Nathan, meet Alex Lora… a perfect rocker.

And what are my New Years resolutions?

Actually they’re the same as I mentioned already,,, Balance in all things….

Image credits:    http://www.crestock.com/images/410000-419999/412104-xs.jpg


Image credits:    http://www.crestock.com/images/410000-419999/412104-xs.jpg

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