Twenty-six years ago…

Tonight, I am thinking back… 26 years. My mother had been with us for Christmas and still had a month of visiting time left. As afternoon turned to evening, little did I imagine what an incredible experience we would share… in just a few hours time.

I remember tucking three and a half year old Carlos into bed (with his customary 3 stories and 3 songs…) He went right to sleep and I joined Jorge and Mom for some TV and what we thought would be a relaxing night.  NOT!

I began feeling crampy but didn’t think too much of it…  And then, about midnight I started to shiver. “You’re cold,” said Mom.

“Actually, I feel warm but weird…”

“Weird’s what you think? Labor is what I think!”

“No, it can’t be… there’s still a week to go.”

A  couple more hours snaked by and my increasingly anxious mother insisted that we should go to the hospital… “just to check that everything is OK.” With that decision made, my water broke and we hurried our pace. Jorge drove very carefully…

“Hurry up!” my mother uncharacteristically shrieked. He picked up the pace – pronto.

“I think we’ll examine you in the delivery room.” said the admissions nurse.

“But I just got here… Please let my mother come with me!”

I explained that Mom was retired from nursing but in Canada she had worked in obstetrics for more than 30 years… The doctor was not at the hospital and my anguished face convinced the hospital staff that they should allow her to stay with me.

I felt incredible pressure and five minutes later my mother delivered my daughter. Mom placed her in my arms and right then and there, I named her. “Welcome to our world Margarita,” I said. (Mom’s name was Margaret) The nurses said it was one of the most beautiful births they had ever seen.                                                                                                 

“Not many women have such an easy time,” said one as she wiped her eyes.

“Not many women have their mothers looking after them,” I added.

“A girl…” Mom sighed with such satisfaction. “She will be the best daughter!”

And she is MORE than that… so much more.

3:20 am, January 18, 1985 marked the first of many unforgetablel times Grandma, Daughter and Granddaughter would share over the years. Mom died in 2004 and especially today, I’m missing her very, very much.

That baby who couldn’t wait one more minute to make her entrance onto life’s stage is 26 today.  She’ll marry this year and already, we are enjoying the preparations for her very special day.

From his first glimse of her, Jorge was smitten and promptly started to call her Maggie. Just a few minutes old, she already had a nickname… and of course it stuck!

Jorge, my son Carlos… all my family and friends have brought me great joy. But each time the calendar page reads January 18th, I give thanks for my double blessing…  a wonderful mother and a wonderful daughter.

“Happy Birthday Maggie!”



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12 responses to “Twenty-six years ago…

  1. Deanna Lagroix

    I’m late, wasn’t online……..those daughters have a way of increasing in love and importance as the years go by. Belated Happy Birthday to Maggie and thanks for the special memories of your Mom.

  2. What a beautiful story! And how wonderful that your mom was there to witness it all. 🙂

  3. I like the bottom shot. Your son is clearly thinking: Who is this little intruder? How long will she be here?

    • You better believe it! He says, “When I heard I would have a little siuster I thought, ‘OK that’s cool’. But when I woke up and my mommy wasn’t at home… Dad took me to the hospital and I saw that MY mommy was completely in love with that squirmy little thing, I figured this might not be so cool after all!” But he came around and they are great friends now…

  4. Joanne

    Joanna, what a wonderful story and what a wonderful thing to have your Mother with you. A belated happy birthday to Maggie and blessings to you too.

  5. Joanna,
    You are a beautiful lady with a wonderful Mom and a lovely family…AND, you are blessed with living in Mexico. Life doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you for sharing your life with us…your avid readers.

  6. Lee Steele

    We’re in the middle of an ice storm here in Connecticut, and your book just arrived. Just in time! Now if only I didn’t have to trudge into work because I can just picture myself settled in my sunroom, with views of the snow all around me, reading about Mexico.

  7. Happy birthday, Maggie! This is going to be a particularly wonderful year in your life! One of many wonderful years….

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