Is a picture worth a thousand words?

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then the many I’ve taken in the last few days would make up a big fat book!

The city of Guadalajara is exciting and beautiful… Music is everywhere… We watched this young woman playing

classical violin at the University of Guadalajara’s School of Music.


Music is a family affair on Sundays when

the “Renacer” trio entertain on the plaza

This wonderful fellow seemed to love that his music makes people happy





And of course, sooner or later everyone morphs into a mariachi


The architecture is breathtaking and the flowers… simply gorgeous!

The art is sometimes verywhimsical and sometimesvery bold!






Outside the city limits, there are more fascinating places to visit and you learn a lot! I surely did not know all that’s involved in the production of tequila… At the Tres Mujeres and at the Herradura distilleries our guides explained how the agave are harvested and tequila is made.

And certainly, the members of our group are fine ambassadors for Yucatan.

Tomorrow we’re off to Lake Chapala, Ajijic and Tlaquepaque. ¡Hasta pronto!

Sorry about the screwy positioning of the photos and text on this posting. The program was NOT cooperating today!


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4 responses to “Is a picture worth a thousand words?

  1. Joanna,

    I am enjoying your reports from this trip.

    I first flew into Guadalajara about 19 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the city. Purely by chance, I discovered Hotel Frances, right in the center of things and, founded in the early 1600’s, about the oldest hotel still in operation in the Americas, I think. I breakfasted my first morning beneath the fantastic murals of nearby Cafe Madrid, its waiters in white jackets and black ties, and quickly felt at home.

    Before I moved to Yucatán, Guadalajara was often my base while in Mexico. I love Guadalajara. Thanks for reminding me.

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