Mexico City, a city of such contrast

Over the past few weeks, it has been so frustrating trying to get my photos to line up with the text and look the way I want them to… So today I’ll put in the photos in larger format and write below them… Your part will involve a lot of scrolling down. I hope you don’t get too tired!

For me, Mexico City is “the city of cities.” Here, you have the best art, culture, music, food, ambiance and everything else that 25,000,000 people can produce… Unfortunately, the contrasting “down and out” is also on prominent display. This shot is of the Cathedral in the “zocalo”, the heart of the downtown area.

Alongside the splendid architecture, I took this photo of a slice of daily life, so very different to my own. This fellow (with his girlfriend looking on) is getting a tattoo of her name emblazoned across his chest… I sure hope they NEVER break up!

Next we took the metro to another kind of plaza… A couple of the group members took full advantage of the crowded conditions on board!

When in the capital city, I always feel compelled to make a “pilgrimage” to the “Plaza of Three Cultures” in Tlatelolco. This is an urban housing area where more than 250,000 people live in multi-floored brick buildings. It was the site of the infamous student tragedy of October 2, 1968. Again in 1985, during the 8.1 earthquake, Tlatelolco was the scene of terrible hardship. It is difficult to believe that one place has been the setting for such drama.

Jorge and I ended our day on a lighter note… with a ride on this splendid carrousel!

Recently, in Merida… a friend asked when Jorge had last been on a horse. He said he couldn’t remember. And unlike me, today, he missed up another opportunity!

Close by the merry-go-round, is the monument to the solidarity of Mexico City’s population during the 1985 earthquake. Like I said at the start of this post, the lightest moments and the saddest memories of Mexico’s history are on display in this striking city.

Tomorrow, our group will head off to Puebla and Oaxaca… So definitely, more posts about this year’s Life Long Learning adventure will follow… as soon as I have another few spare moments to sit down at the computer…














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7 responses to “Mexico City, a city of such contrast

  1. Tattoos: I have hated this art form, until recently. I then thought, and thought. I concluded that were I in my twenties, instead of my late 6o’s, I might be doing tattooing, too.

    I still rank Mexico City as one of my favorites , except for it’s cold spells. (I remember having difficulty ascending stairs in the chill of both DF and SF, so…..) I actually believe the Colonia Roma of DF and San Francisco’s Northern Mission District are almost twins. One day, in Colonia Roma, a person on the street asked me, a blonde tourist, for directions! I felt so at home!

    What an interesting trip you’re having.

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  3. Nice shots. Don’t think I’d want to chance a tattoo under those conditions, however.

  4. Larry

    I am sure everyone with you in Mexico City is enjoying it as much as you and Jorge! Wishing all of you a wonderful, safe and healthy trip to Puebla and Oaxaca! I am freezing my **tt off here in Ontario… -26C tonight, factoring in the windchill! BRRRRR!!!!

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