Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays in Mexico. It is not just for sweethearts who want to revel in their enchantment or grade school children who delight in sending secret greeting cards to one another. And yes, it is much more than a justification for eating chocolate!

February 14th is the day to celebrate friendship – of every kind.

I feel blessed to have so many friends… from my childhood up until now, an abundance of people have come into my life and have made it richer, better, sweeter…

On this year’s Life Long Learning travels we’ve been together on the bus rides…

We’ve poked through markets…

Sampled new foods…

Listened to marvelous music…                                                              

Viewed breathtaking scenery

Seen ancient architecture and monuments….

And commiserated about less-than-excellent nights in noisy hotel rooms…

All this and much more have been opportunities to share friendship.

This morning, as I write down my thoughts, a long, long gallery of faces is parading through my memory. Most are not here in Oaxaca to enjoy Valentines Day with me but in Mexico we say, “Recordar es volver a vivir…” – “Remembering is like re-living…”

Yes, Valentines Day is special to me, but really… every day of the year is an opportunity to reach out to those who cross our path and invite them into our world.

Sharing with others and building friendships turns mundane events into adventures. Friendship enriches and transforms our ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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5 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. jan

    Gosh we miss the trips but you take us there all over again…such great times! See you soon…Jan and Tony

  2. The photo second from the bottom is a particularly nice one. Felicitaciónes.

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