Day Three: San Miguel

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference has drawn to a close and I am very pleased with everything I saw and did here. I met a lot of other writers, heard very savy speakers and participated in wonderful workshops.

One of the very best happened to be the blogging seminar. The presenter, Bill Belew seemed to know EVERYTHING about blogging as he should… he’s a professional blogger. He explained how he manages to support his family by his blogging skills. Hard core! He helped me to see how I can use the blog more efficiently and suggested I make more frequent, shorter posts. If anyone is interested in consulting him, he does offer this service from his website, bill belew

Let me know what you think of the new approach…


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2 responses to “Day Three: San Miguel

  1. I’m very interested in what you learned about blogging. (There may be a problem with your link to Bill Belew, however.) I blog for pleasure at, but the time spent also pays me back when a local gallery or artist thanks me for my little shout-out.

    Last weekend, I was a sort of guest blogger, covering a design contest at Syracuse University for a non-profit at It didn’t pay, but blogging gave me a front row seat in an otherwise off-limits process in which five judges from four countries pore through hundreds of entries and debate their merits. As a designer, I found that to be priceless.

    If I thought I could actually make money from blogging, much less earn my living that way, I’d be in seventh heaven. Particularly since I could find my own “Magic” in Merida.

    I’ll be interested to see if your own blog evolves. Good luck!

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