There’s no place like home

This past month has been an exciting time of discovery and learning but I am ecstatic to be going home. I can’t wait to see Jorge, Carlos, Maggie and my friends…

Tonight I will sleep in my own comfy bed… I won’t wake up wondering where I am.

My clothes will hang in my closet or be tossed into the dirty clothes hamper… they won’t be all wrinkled in the suitcase and I won’t have to prowl the streets looking for an elusive Laundromat.

When I shower, I won’t be either scalded or frozen… I’ll know how the taps work.

I will be able to make myself a cup of coffee or tea, just how I like it… and I will not have to wait until the restaurants open.

I want to see my cat Hobbsie (I hope he is ‘speaking’ to me after such a long absence)                                                     

A swim in my pool… I can’t wait! Seeing everyone at school… Being at Writers’ Group again… Getting back to Yoga… Walking at the Stadium… Cooking again…

It’s really true… there’s no place like home!



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10 responses to “There’s no place like home

  1. Welcome home… your posts were wonderful to read! Hope to see you soon…

  2. Welcome home to a deserved rest. I got tired just reading all your posts.

  3. Mary E. Moore

    Welcome home, Joanna. It will be good to have you with us at the writers group meetings again.

  4. Larry

    Yes, you have been away for several weeks! Welcome back!! But, I know that your travels, activities, and the varied experiences, and new friendships and renewed friendships are a wonderful part of the journey, too!

    See you soon!

    Larry and Reg

  5. Welcome home! We all missed you!

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