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I’ve received several emails today from bloggers who are very excited to know ALL that I learned from Bill Belew

I did indeed learn A LOT but unfortunately, my memory is not too good when it comes to new information. I don’t know but it seems I need to be shown… over and over again.

So here’s an idea. Why don’t the Merida bloggers get together from time to time to discuss and help one another remember the myriad of stuff we’re supposed to have at our fingertips?

If you’re interested, email me:

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5 responses to “Blog on…

  1. allisonmphd

    Did you mean for that to be an ad? (just wondering because I hadn’t seen any ads before on your blog…)

    • Ha,ha… no I didn’t it is just that I didn’t have the fellow’s correct URL… like I said, I am NOT a techie. Sorry if it looked like an ad. I don’t have ads except a little plug for my book.

  2. You know you can count me in on this! I need all the help I can get. Plus I’m feeling a bit stale with my blogging.


  3. I went to one training class that made a point of stating that VERY few people retain more than 25% of new information from any class, but that 25% may be life changing in its self. Share all that you can as that is the only real way to understand. I am not a Merida blogger, not sure how much of a blogger I am, as I just signed up, but I hale from Northern Utah, and have read several of your blogs. I enjoy the Playa del Carmen zone and want to know more of it and the local zones around where we stay. I love photography and have seen several Yucatan photographer’s sites with their unique visions and really want to explore more of the photo artists down there. Glad you have survived all the excitment of your recent trip and hope you are able to relax in your pool.

    • Thank you so much for your comments and for subscibing to my blog. I am home now safe and sound and quite happy to be so. It was a long time to be away… I agree with what you say about sharing. We’ll see what happens with the bloggers’ support group.

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